Piston Tech: Here’s An In-Depth Video Look At Mahle Power Pak Pistons

Piston Tech: Here’s An In-Depth Video Look At Mahle Power Pak Pistons

Mahle is the world’s largest manufacturer of pistons. That’s a fact that cannot be refuted. Because they make so many pistons and they make them for such an incredible variety of applications and engines, it only makes sense that their motorsports division would also have some amazing capability and reach when it came to the manufacture of performance pistons for your application. From modern EcoBoost engines to tried and true small block Chevrolets, Mahle has the parts and pieces that you need to make your stuff run hard.

Now, that’s just us running our gums. What makes a good piston? What makes a Mahle piston? What do they do that others may not or potentially cannot do? This video talks about the Mahle Power Pak pistons and how they are made, what features they incorporate, and how the combined knowledge of the company’s history has all converged on the products that they are producing today. If you are building a small displacement screamer for a sports car, a big block for an NHRA stock eliminator car, or maybe a dual purpose street/strip engine for your street machine, shop Mahle and see what they have to offer. Don’t just take our word for it. Watch this video and find out the ins and outs of what makes a Mahle piston and what those details mean to you.

Press play below to learn about Mahle Power Pak Pistons and why they’re top shelf

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