This One Of None 2-door Plymouth Belvedere Wagon Is Totally Awesome – Check It Out

This One Of None 2-door Plymouth Belvedere Wagon Is Totally Awesome – Check It Out

(By Greg Rourke) – Station wagons. Before SUV’s, and before mini vans, station wagons were the preferred way for lugging the clan around. And on weekends, fold down the seats and load it with lumber and Sakcrete for whatever home improvement projects were on the Honey-Do list.

They weren’t cool, but they weren’t supposed to be. Oh sure, there was the Nomad, and the flurry of hardtop, chrome laden barges of the late 50’s, but as a rule they were for utilitarian purposes. But as often happens, what was once boring is now sought after. Station wagons have been hot for a number of years now. Here is one that deserves to be back on the road.
Here we have a one-of-none 2 door Plymouth Belvedere wagon. We’ve all seen attempts at a 4 door to 2 door conversions. Guys will remove the rear door handles, bondo-ize the back door shut, and call it a day. Results are generally as f’d up as soup sandwich. This one appears to be the results of some careful grafting of 2 door sedan parts to the wagon, it looks like something Mopar should have done.
At just shy of seven large, is it a little spendy for a roller? Perhaps, but the ad says it comes with a bunch of stuff not shown. All that glass would be hard to source, that would influence my decision. If it’s solid and rust free, that would save a bunch of bodywork. If it followed me home, I’d drop a big block Mopar in it with a pushbutton Torqueflite. Dress it up in mid-60’s Ramchargers livery and hit the nostalgia circuit.

Click here for the RacingJunk listing for this killer old Plymouth Belvedere wagon

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6 thoughts on “This One Of None 2-door Plymouth Belvedere Wagon Is Totally Awesome – Check It Out

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    BangShift on with that suggestion Brian! I was a massive boyhood fan of all things Ramchargers and built many model kits of their fine creations. But a big block Mopar with one of those wild orange cross-ram manifolds would be so cool even though it would cost ten times what this beauty is worth!

  2. Brandon

    426 max wedge it just to be different, and back that bad dog with an A833, slamming through a dana 60. Tank!

  3. oldguy

    Why not Hodges Doges paint instead of Ram Chargers ?
    Just sayin’…..
    Saw both as a kid at Sanford Maine dragstrip mid 60’s one day

  4. Jay

    Yep…has to be max wedge. That’s a great looking car and tastefully made the way Mopar engineers should have made it.

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