Pro Street Perfected: This 1956 Chevy Survived The 1990s And Aged Beautifully – Awesome

Pro Street Perfected: This 1956 Chevy Survived The 1990s And Aged Beautifully – Awesome

Gold star tipster of the day award goes to Austin Stephens for sending us this link to this thundering heap of magnificence below. The pro street 1956 Chevy is so awesome we’re not sure what to do with ourselves. This is a rare example along the lines of the Larry Larson Nova, the Joe Barry ’56, and a handful of others that not only lived through the 1990s pro street time frame but actually aged well and got better over time. Packing a blown big block engine, a chase that (at one time) had an NHRA cert, and automatic transmission, delay box, and some awesome fabrication from top to bottom, this is a beautiful car.

One of the most interesting parts of the car is the paint scheme which is clearly dated but is so understated and calm that you hardly notice the old graphics until you really start looking. Depending the light the car looks black or a very deep emerald green. The pinkish painted side spear is cool and follows the line of the chrome rear quarter panel piece perfectly. The little blueish diamonds are not our favorite but we’d live with them because the whole thing is of such quality.

Interior wise, tweed is the legally mandated interior material in a car like this and it is present. The dash has some tweed accents added to it and a tweed panel at the bottom. There’s too many gauges and some other show car type faux pas but other than that this is one clean machine. Well cared for and street legal, we’d own it in a second. The car was raced back in the day and went low 9s with a nitrous injected big block. We have no idea what power the big block makes so it would be a blind guess that we’re not going to make.

The entire chassis is Chris Alston stuff. We’re talking everything from the four link, the front control arms, and the entire cage and frame is all Alston. The cage is an 8.50 cert deal and unless our eyes are lying, that thing should tag pretty easily.

Hate on it if you want but we’re in love.

Check out the photos below and then hit the link to see the eBay ad:

chevy1 chevy2

chevy3 chevy4 chevy5 chevy6 chevy7




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