Pro Weird: This 1972 Honda Z600 Is Tubbed And Ready For Drag Week

Pro Weird: This 1972 Honda Z600 Is Tubbed And Ready For Drag Week

When Chris Johnson sent us an email instructing us to click a link and see a car he described with language I can’t really use here, we knew that something interesting lurked on the other side of that click. Boy were we right! He car that you see above and below is a 1972 Honda Z600 which is a tiny little piece that in stock form looks like it needs a handle on the roof so you can pick it up and carry it around. The difference here is that it has had an engine swap, it has been tubbed, and there’s even a roll bar as part of the safety program as well.

Yes, the engine swap used a Chevette four banger, and it has the rear track width of an EZ-GO golf cart, but seriously you need this beast for Drag Week 2014. Enter the thing in Unlimited and then after the laughter subsides rip off a couple of 18-second laps to show all of your detractors up. If you really want to get after it, add the Subaru turbocharger setup that comes with the car. We have no idea how you adapt the manifold and other parts from a flat four engine to your inliner, but that’s your problem not ours. The rear axles could probably fit in a shoebox because they’ve got to be about a foot long at best so there’s plenty of room for spares in the copious hatchback style rear of the car. No doubt that the Chevette power plant will be snapping them like twigs. Be prepared!

We’d go on but the seller really preaches the gospel on this thing:

For sale is a 1972 Honda Z600. This is a tiny little car, 4 feet wide by 9 feet long. Originally came with a 2 cylinder 600cc motor. The car now has a 4 cylinder Chevette motor and 4 speed trans. I also have a subaru turbo to go with it. Would make an awesome Hot Rod or Rat Rod. The car has been tubbed and has a narrowed 9 inch ford rear. Tagged as PA antique vehicle. Real head turner, would be awesome with a v8 or rotary swap. Currently runs and drives, but needs some work. I have too many projects and don’t have time for it right now. Asking $3500. 

honda1 honda2 honda3 honda4


CLICK HERE to see more of this freaky little Honda

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17 thoughts on “Pro Weird: This 1972 Honda Z600 Is Tubbed And Ready For Drag Week

  1. john

    “Needs some work” Yea right! Weld grocery cart wheels to the roof and side panels…it’ll need them.

  2. Jonathan

    This is what I wanted to take to drag week. Would have been awesome if they used a 2.3 ford where I could use SVO parts. I don’t know that I could live a week in this thing though.

    1. Tedly

      I’m with you on the turbo 2.3! Is there an actual driveshaft in this little bastard??? Look where the tailshaft would be.

  3. mooseface

    “…or rotary swap.”
    A rotary would actually be kind of cool in that.
    It would also turn it into a Jack Russell Terrier on wheels.

  4. Toolman

    I think the 9 inch and wheel/tire combo will pretty much eat up all the power the Chevette motor can push out!

  5. will

    I say we stuff a midget dirt track Chevy ii or garete in it turbo and a decent 700r trans and. Watch the carnage begin on the best day it would handle like a bottle rocket with the stick broke off

  6. braktrcr

    I like to keep my coilover shocks in the passenger seat area. Never know when you might need them. Lol Will bottle rocket…

  7. Dick

    I think that is bad ass. A nice turbo four would be killer. A turbo 4.3L V6 would work. A (yawn) turbo LS would kick tail. A blown small or big block would work. Turbo Ecotec. One of those Olds four bangers would be nice. A Turbo Buick 3.8L V6 would be hip. I hate to say it but for 3500 that’s not too bad. There’s tons of junk on CL that sell for way more and don’t even come close to what you are getting here.

  8. will

    It just occurred to me that this thing looks like a penny racer toy from when I was a kid.look em up

  9. Randy

    sweet, I was thinking how would an Olds Quad 4 with turbo would be? with the top cover off & running independent coils, it would look like a little OFFY stuck in there.

    my second would be maybe a Toyota 22R with turbo, lol

    old school Datsun L series or even MGB engine backed with Datsun tranny,

    the Rotary could be cool too,

    I think would take too much work to drop a Subaru turbo into it? lol.

    for the guys that really think a V8 would be the ticket, look at the old 1961 – 1963, Buick 215 V8, which was later used in quite a few british vehicles, bore & sleeve it to use the 2.3 SVO sleeves & it winds up a little over 300 cubic Inches & use the 1964 Buick 300 Head, for an all aluminum V8.

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