Ride Along With Pro Mod Racer Benjamin Board On A Wall Banging Pass At Tulsa

Ride Along With Pro Mod Racer Benjamin Board On A Wall Banging Pass At Tulsa

The world of pro mod racing had advanced at an incredible rate even over just the last few years. Why? Manufacturers of chassis and power components continue to drive technology. Ben Board is a perfect example of this. Ben’s Camaro formerly sported a small block engine with a ProCharger on it. Now? Now it has a 521ci Hemi with a monster ProCharger on it and instead of running top sportsman it competes heads up in Pro Modified. Ben was at Tulsa last weekend for the Throwdown In T-Town and he was running in the Doorslammer class. He ended up winning the race but the finals were not without some drama.

You are going to ride along with Board as his car rockets off the starting line and then starts to get unhappy during his eighth mile run. Ben ends up getting into the wall past the finish line and then does a masterful job of keeping the thing on the race track and off the concrete anymore. The car is going to be fixed but this one escalated quickly.

Pay close attention to his driving after the hit. He really did a fine job.

Here’s Board’s take on the pass in his own words – 

We are still reviewing what happened last night. Videos I have seen on the internet seem to show more detail of what actually happened. From my perspective, the car was pushing to the right which caused me to correct it to the left. You will see in the video I was trying to correct it and finally it pushed me out of the groove to the left (near the centerline). Once I got out of the groove it caused the car to make a hard move toward the right concrete wall. I tried to correct it, but it was way to late. I won the race and I am fine. The safety equipment and the car did their jobs very well. While it does suck we will have to sit out for awhile, I am very thankful for the outpouring of support that I have received.

Ride along with pro mod racer Benjamin Board on a wall banging pass at Tulsa –

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