Rough Start: 1970 Dodge Challenger – The Tired Old Soul

Rough Start: 1970 Dodge Challenger – The Tired Old Soul

I could seriously just write, “Someone go save it, now, please.” And I would be satisfied knowing that someone has. I know that there is some serious rot on this 1970 Dodge Challenger, I have eyes. The trunk lid, the driver’s door, all need attention. I’m almost grateful that there are no interior or trunk shots, since the metal that Chrysler used for E-bodies seemed to be stamped out of leftover 1957 stock. But we can’t ignore a big-tire ex-racer, regardless of how tired or beat it is. Nor can we ignore an E-body that is being sold under ten grand that doesn’t come in a U-Haul truck’s worth of individual boxes and pallets.

Some of the metalwork can be deal with via a phone call for some fiberglass parts. The floor panels can be bought and welded in. And trim and other small bit items are reproduced. But never, and I mean never, have I seen a more deserving home for a monster 440. If this machine is really a manual transmission car, it’s time to have a ball. 451 stroker, a blower, the best six-speed you can get, and make sure the ring gear is enough for a solid dragstrip pass. This Challenger hasn’t returned to the Earth from where it came…it’s still savable.

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8 thoughts on “Rough Start: 1970 Dodge Challenger – The Tired Old Soul

  1. bob

    Come on Taggs, step up to the plate. That’s much better than those bumper sandwiches that you seem to like so much. Absolutely a cool car.

  2. Henrik

    Just leave Theodor thing to die in peace. If it has been sitting in that field along time then the trunklid is going to be th best part left on it. Grass has a nasty habbit of eating cars in a matter of months. And a beat up old racecar with rottet out floors and beat up crossmembers plus who knows what else, is not going to be worth saving. Just because it is a mopar dosent make it worth saving by any means.

    1. will potthoff

      If the car has a long history of racing behind it then the can be worth a decent amount of that is what is saving some of these old race cars.

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