Southeast Gassers At Peidmont: Action Photos From A Killer Drag Race! Vintage Gassers Rule

Southeast Gassers At Peidmont: Action Photos From A Killer Drag Race! Vintage Gassers Rule

(Photos by David Whealon) – When you put the right cars in the right place, you get magic and that is exactly what the famed Southeast Gassers organization found when they pulled into the gates of Piedmont, recently. These cars are all held to the standards of the late 1960s NHRA rule book and are not allowed to have any modern performance stuff on them. From the intakes to the ignitions and the chassis technology, these cars are the way they were 50+ years ago. No exceptions are made, no quarter is given.

Quain Stott runs this deal and he runs a tight ship. Axalta has come on board as a major sponsor of the series in 2018 and they have a packed schedule that is concentrated on running their own entertaining and historic brand of eighth mile racing at tracks across the eastern United States.

You don’t have to love gassers to love this group. You just need to love history, fun, talent, skill, and the pride of knowing that you’re doing it the way the greatest names in drag racing history did it before you!

Click the images below to expand them and then scroll on to see them all –

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7 thoughts on “Southeast Gassers At Peidmont: Action Photos From A Killer Drag Race! Vintage Gassers Rule

  1. Rob

    \”these cars are the way they were 50+ years ago.\” Um no, not gassers. Try around 40 years ago and they were called Modified Eliminator.

  2. HotRodPop

    Umm,… Willys, Anglias, ’37 Chevys… I’m rememberin’ Gassers at Thompson Drag Raceway in Ohio with my dad in the ’60’s (mid) and that was 50+ years ago!

    1. Rob

      9k – 10k rev launches and shifts during the 60s, nope, unheard of, that technology was in the 70s. Gassers were big blocks stuffed into small production cars during the 60s. SEGA cars made look the part sitting in the pits but performance is no way near how they were. Power shifting hightower and jerico transmissions without the use of a clutch doesn’t take that much skill.

      1. Quain Stott

        LOL clutch is required on the shift and the rule is strictly enforced. But your right they are not perfect but I challenge anyone to review the rules all 27 pages of them and find another active Gasser group in the WORLD that is closer to correct. SEGA is the only Gasser Group that is at least putting forth a little effort into saving what’s left of Gasser history.
        Thanks for the support it sounds like you have been watching us pretty close.
        My full name Quain Stott

    2. Quain Stott

      Modified was not allowed a straight axle and was not allowed to modify the body. I ran modified myself in the mid 1970’s.
      Quain Stott.

  3. Jay Bree

    Great racing and one that I will make a trip to attend. I can hear those small blocks screaming.

    Ignore the keyboard critics. The next thing they’ll complain about is that the gas isn’t from the 60’s.

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