Survivor Drag Car: Look At This Bitchin 1957 Chevrolet Jr. Stock Car! It’s A Time Capsule

Survivor Drag Car: Look At This Bitchin 1957 Chevrolet Jr. Stock Car! It’s A Time Capsule

Tommy Lee never ceases to amaze us with the bad ass rides he finds and shares with us on his Hot Rod Hoarder YouTube channel. This 1957 Chevrolet Jr. Stocker that he found in Bowling Green is no exception and we love it. It’s a time capsule for sure, as it has all the original stuff it either originally had during it’s racing career or something nearly identical. This is one cool car.

Named the Carrot Cart, this is one unique ’57 Chevrolet. Starting out with a 4-door Hardtop is not normally how race cars in the United States come to be, but a Tri-Five Chevrolet is the same underneath regardless of how many doors it did, or didn’t, come with.

We’ll let Tommy fill us in on all the history, just check out the video description and the video below.

Video Description:

This 1957 Chevy 210 four door hardtop drag car was the 1970 NHRA Spring Nationals Champion! Four door drag cars are not all that common, but they were once quite popular in NHRA Stock Eliminator drag racing. The lower Stock classes had all sorts of interesting combinations, from four-door sedans to station wagons and sedan delivery cars, all in an effort to balance horsepower and weight for classes like L/Stock, M/Stock and so on. This 1957 Chevy four door hardtop drag car is a prime example of a Junior Stocker, as it’s making great horsepower with a tiny engine, and pushing a hefty car down the quarter mile.

Don Kirkland built this car back in the late ’60s and raced it to a big win in 1970. After NHRA Stock Eliminator changed in the early ’70s, Don parked the car, and kept it all these years. A few years ago, he pulled the ol’ girl out of the garage and shined it up. He races every year at the Danchuk Tri-Five Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky and has a blast with his Junior Stock buddies. Alabama racing legend Rick Pennington helps wrench on the car, and enjoys taking a trip back in time with this incredible survivor car.

The paint, lettering and decals are original to the 1970 configuration, although he had to do some touching up on the front fenders. Many other parts, like the Cragar wheels are original and he’s running on a set of modern M&H 900-15 slicks, which is very similar to what he ran back in the day. This piece of drag racing history is still making passes more than 50 years after its heyday.

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