Take Up Falconry: This 1967 Ford Falcon Looks Like A Rowdy Good Time

Take Up Falconry: This 1967 Ford Falcon Looks Like A Rowdy Good Time

Everybody’s in Indianapolis for the PRI Show and I’m…not. I love the PRI Show, but after last year’s fun involving the Angry Grandpa Chrysler, a failed oil pressure sensor, and the closest thing to a heart attack I’ve ever had after finding zero oil on the dipstick in the parking lot of the hotel at a very frozen early hour, I could use the break from Indy. At least it’s not snowing there this year…yet. Lots of friends are roaming the halls of the Indiana Convention Center learning about the current forefront in the racing scene, from parts to promotion. Meanwhile, while forums are being held, photos are being taken and parts are being displayed, I’m over here at BangShift Mid-West digging through Craigslist for something in Indianapolis that might be worth taking home.

I was never one for Ford Falcons in the past, but the 1966-early 1970 bodystyle is growing on me fast. It probably has a lot to do with the strong infusion of Ford Mustang that wasn’t as present in the earlier generations, but they also have this aggressive small-car vibe that I get heavily from late 1960s Dodge Darts as well. Unabashedly upright, capable of some genuinely frightening performance in the right hands, and with plenty of options for making the drive exhilarating thanks to it’s Mustang connection, this 1967 Falcon is tempting. The seller is claiming 400 horses out of the 302, it has power disc brakes up front, and I can look past parking lot dents and a missing headliner. If the guy is truthful about the power output, for the cost I’d take it all day long. Who needs the popularity vote of a Mustang when a Falcon can push you into the seat just as hard?

Craigslist Link: 1967 Ford Falcon

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6 thoughts on “Take Up Falconry: This 1967 Ford Falcon Looks Like A Rowdy Good Time

  1. jerry z

    The problem with white paint is it hides a lot of flaws! The car may look nice from 50 feet away but guessing up close not so much. I like it though, good thing it too far away!

  2. crazy canuck

    the nice thing about this generation of falcon is you can stick a 351c / 351w to a 429 in them

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