The Proper Compromise: Legal Street Drags In Hartshorne, Oklahoma

The Proper Compromise: Legal Street Drags In Hartshorne, Oklahoma

If there is a sure-fire way to get opinions flying and tempers simmering up to a boil, it’s the discussion of street racing. Some have great memories of stoplight drags and the quiet street in the middle of nowhere with a few friends while others only see things like the Chatsworth, California crash and spectators lining the entire length of the strip on both sides in a nightmare scenario should anything go wrong. But with tracks under pressure from those fun NIMBY (“Not in MY backyard!”) groups, noise complaints and the ever-present developer who can’t understand why anybody would want a dragstrip in place of a beautiful warehouse building, sometimes the strip isn’t the answer. And that’s before we get into the opinions of those who feel that the street is the only appropriate place to prove a street car’s worth. We can go on for days on the subject on any side. You readers have proven to be able to go even longer on the subject.

The compromise that we’ve seen several towns take is the street-legal drag scene. A strip of road is designated as the racing venue, safety precautions are put in, crowds are monitored, and fun is had by plenty. Hartshorne, Oklahoma is two and a half hours away from Thunder Valley Raceway Park and three hours from Coffeyville, Kansas, the site of the Coffeyville Street Drags, and they’ve been taking notes on how to put on their own street-legal drag scene. Check out what rolled up to the line in this video shot by the folks at Urban Hillbilly!

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2 thoughts on “The Proper Compromise: Legal Street Drags In Hartshorne, Oklahoma

  1. john

    go ahead, keep promoting insanity. there is no safety aspects at all. let’s give some bombs or chemicals to play with. about the same standard their using.
    drag slick IQ’s don’t impress me at all. having this crap does not fill the stands and coffers at the drag strip so we can continuing racing at safe environments’.

    why do you keep promoting this crap…….

  2. jay bree

    Fun stuff! I wish I could have been there.

    Not sure where this obsession with “racing automobiles must be safe” comes from. Free men do free stuff.

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