Tanglefoot: Uncle Tony Checks Up On His Buddy Lamchop And His Nova Gasser!

Tanglefoot: Uncle Tony Checks Up On His Buddy Lamchop And His Nova Gasser!

The car is called “Tanglefoot”. It’s an old Nova that’s set up as a gasser, and is undergoing it’s shop time in order to come to the strip swinging, 400 Chevy on the stand, car caged up and all. We’d be cool with understanding what the Chevy II is all about, but the cooler thing is the real “why” of this video that Uncle Tony put out. I’ve met Lamchop before…he was right next to me and Tommy Lee Byrd when Boyd Howe’s “The Red Baron” 1955 Chevrolet tried to go full feral and take out Photographer’s Row at the 2019 Tri-Five Nats. He’s a character and a half, just the same in person as he is in the video. And he recently got hit with the one word that will usually shut anyone down, that one word that means every day has become a fight. Other than some facial hair loss, he’s as upbeat as he always is. And that’s what I dig about this guy.

I’m well beyond over this whole stay-at-home crap. I was over it weeks ago. Having a friend stop by and say hi, even if it’s just for a quick minute or to just check up on you does wonders. The Chevy II is going to be a riot. There’s plenty of influence from the Southeast Gassers and the likes of Howe and Mile Bilina. But just dropping in to check up on him, to have a quick face-to-face and to make sure he’s still doing good…that’s the best part.

Glad to see you’re doing well, Lamchop. Hopefully I’ll see you trackside at some point this year!

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4 thoughts on “Tanglefoot: Uncle Tony Checks Up On His Buddy Lamchop And His Nova Gasser!

  1. Curtis

    Rest up and get well Lambchop, best wishes to you and prayers for you. Looking forward to seeing you in Tanglefoot soon. If you folks were a little closer to SE Nebraska I’d be glad to stop over and lend a hand to git er done.
    Uncle Tony, remember reading cars illustrated back in the 80’s when you, Cliff Gromer and others were writing. Favorite car magazine ever, hands down. You guys spoke true old school street racing, editorially reckless but wonderful. One thing though, I hope you’ll do your best to drop the smokes. No pressure, its just that your an inspiring individual and we all want to keep you around as long as possible. Thanks for paying a visit to Lambchop and sharing the video

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