The Monday Shift: Watch And Ride In Ray Bulach’s 8-second T-56 Equipped Camaro

The Monday Shift: Watch And Ride In Ray Bulach’s 8-second T-56 Equipped Camaro

If you are trying figure out the quickest conventionally shifted GM car currently running down a drag strip, stop. We’ve got video of Ray Bulach right here at last year’s Holley LS Fest at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This car is a hammer and Bulach can really wheel the thing. With a 367ci LS engine by Texas Speed, twin turbos, 23psi of boost and an RPM built T-56 transmission, the thing has gone into the 8.30s at nearly 170mph! No Lenco, no trick G-Force or Liberty, a built to kill T-56 is what Bulach is shifting down the track.

This video is cool because we get to ride in the car and see it running from the outside as well. We also get to see it make some really clean runs and some that are not so clean and actually downright sideways. We dig the way that the guys who made the video (YouTube’s BigKleib34 channel) did the slow motion section at the beginning. With the timing massively retarded to get some combustion in the exhaust pipe so that the turbos spool quickly, the car sounds like a howitzer going off. It shoots flame like a big cannon as well.

AFCO shocks anchor the car and they have to play a massive role in the success of this machine because the way that this Camaro hits the tire is pretty violent. Without being able to use a tunable adjustable shock of the quality that AFCO makes, these guys would be going nowhere in a hurry.

If you are wondering how quickly it will ultimately go, it seems like 7s is a goal for the guys who run the car. Obviously they will at some point reach the ragged edge of reliability in the transmission but they don’t seem to feel that they are near it yet. This is one bad hombre!

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