The Intruder 2.0 Mega Truck Is The Most Crazed 1936 Chevy Truck Ever Built

The Intruder 2.0 Mega Truck Is The Most Crazed 1936 Chevy Truck Ever Built

With a red paint job and a 1936 Chevy truck body, Barry Thompson’s Intruder 2.0 mega truck is one of the neatest of the breed. The behemoth is powered by an alcohol burning, supercharged 540ci Chevrolet engine and it rolls around on some massive tractor tires that both claw at the Earth as well was act as paddles to send the truck skimming over the tip of mud and water obstacles. The chassis is a thing of beauty as well. Powder coated (we thing) white and filled with all kinds of fancy looking gussets and pieces that surely came from a water jet table, it is as good looking a rig on the bottom as it is on the top. Obviously all of this only holds true when talking about the truck before an event because after it, the thing is coated and caked with mud and mire from wherever the Intruder was competing.

Thompson named the truck the Intruder because he wanted to show up and intrude on the fun of others with his own rig. In the 1.5 years that he has had the truck it has racked up event wins and top three finishes. It should be noted that Thompson is a welder/fabricator who works at building these things as part of his job. That must have given him some ideas about what would work and what would not when creating a scratch-built rig.

Between the massive remote reservoir shocks on all four corners, the crisp exhaust note coming tom the near flat zoomie headers poking through the sides of the bed, and the polished faux grill up front, this truck is a serious looker. It sounds raw and awesome when Thompson is pogo-sticking on and off the gas pedal to keep the truck flying, bogging, or hauling around the course.

In this video you will get a full walk around the truck and a front row seat for some on course action while the truck gets a real work out. These huge hunks of steel are like the rock bouncers we have been showing you lately in the fact that they can be underestimated easily but they shouldn’t be. Gutsy drivers, tons of raw power, and amazing fabrication. That’s what mega trucks are all about, especially the Intruder 2.0.


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