The Bloodhound SSC Is Making Its 200mph Test Today – WATCH IT LIVE HERE

The Bloodhound SSC Is Making Its 200mph Test Today – WATCH IT LIVE HERE

The road to 1,000mph officially begins today! The pride of the UK and the hopefuls who are planning on running 1,000mph in the famed Bloodhound SSC will make their first official performance test today. The job? Run the massive car to a speed of 200mph at Cornwall Newquay airport in England. This is the first step as the team begins to make the measured process of getting the car closer and closer to its 1,000mph goal next year in an African desert.

This project has been a massive and basically national undertaking. Using the machine as a means to get kids interested in science and engineering, the Bloodhound gang (see what we did there?) has mustered support from a litany of British companies and institutions. We think that the unified effort is awesome and while we’d love to see a team of Yanks blow past the 1,000mph barrier e think the fact that anyone is even trying it is awesome. Andy Green is the driver of the behemoth and he’s got one heck of a cockpit to work out of.

Remember, we’re talking about turbine AND rocket power in this thing, which is completely mental, right? This 200mph test may not be the most impressive speed that the thing will ever run but it will be the first time the world gets to see the Bloodhound SSC move under its own power. TUNE IN BELOW!


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One thought on “The Bloodhound SSC Is Making Its 200mph Test Today – WATCH IT LIVE HERE

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie


    Delay after delay and theses delays nearly wiped out the project. The team may be great at building and running such amazing cars but they know nothing about PR. You don’t trumpet your plans when the car’s not even built and you haven’t the money to build and test it. Now we face another year at least before the record attempt and I can just see the look on their faces when another team hits 1250mph before they even reach South Africa. Indeed there’s another British guy who is set on trying to do this with a budget less than what one of Bloodhounds wheels cost. True hot rodders always win as its passion and determination not hot air and bullshit that break records!

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