The Famed 1970 Chrysler 300H Parade Float – Linda Vaughn’s Famous Shifter Ride Is For Sale Intact!

The Famed 1970 Chrysler 300H Parade Float – Linda Vaughn’s Famous Shifter Ride Is For Sale Intact!

Well this is a pretty amazing find! The famed “one of one” Chrysler 300H “parade float” that Linda Vaughn and her massive shifter rode on to international fame during the 1970s is for sale and it is wholly intact other than the standing platform and the massive shifter. The car itself is pretty awesome as it is known to be the only 300H convertible ever made by the factory and the massive machine is in great shape. Yes, it needs a little cleaning and detailing work but other than that, this thing is minto. The car has 91,000 miles on the odometer, lending to the idea that this thing was amazingly well traveled and while most of those miles were put on while cruising the highways or the country, many of them came at a slow pace while the lovely miss Linda Vaughn waved, smiled, batted her eyelashes, and seared the Hurst name into every male fan in the grandstands.

As rare as the 1970 300H (H for Hurst) is, this thing is even more so. There were about 500 of the “regular” 300Hs made and only one convertible. Apparently there is another 300 series convertible out there but it was dealer swapped with a hemi and was not ever intended to be a 300H so it doesn’t get the same billing. It was also not ridden on by an American icon for years either, so there’s that. Powered by the 375hp “TNT” 440, the big car had some scoot and came with the cool hood, neat deck lid, and this car is equipped with a shifter the likes of which we have never seen. It is pictured in the photos below. Got any ideas? These cars also all came with the “heavy duty” suspension that was mostly designed for towing but did help the handling with a stiffer rear spring rate and beefier torsion bars up front.

The asking price for this car right now is $150,000 and we bet they’ll get it. For the pure history of what it was, for the fact that it is a true factory one of one, for the nostalgic element of it, and for the sheer coolness of the car this is one large barge that may be worth all the money. Hell, I don’t even like convertibles and I am in love with this car.

The eBay ad has an incredible array of links, videos, and information that you’ll want to check out. Unless this is the most elaborate automotive hoax ever, this 1970 Chrysler 300H looks a lot like the real deal to us!


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eBay Link: 1970 Chrysler 300H Parade Float For Sale

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8 thoughts on “The Famed 1970 Chrysler 300H Parade Float – Linda Vaughn’s Famous Shifter Ride Is For Sale Intact!

  1. Brent

    It’s a Hurst AutoStick. I still have the one from my car in high school. It wasn’t the greatest design to avoid missed shifts but it was better than a straight hated design. Everybody that looked in the car thought it had a 4 speed till they looked closer.

  2. jerry z

    Too bad the Cragars are not on the car, it looks much better with them.

    Always like these cars, but finding one is rarer than hen’s teeth!

    1. Tim McCloud

      I’m selling the car through a professional as part of my dads estate. I have the Cragars on a hardtop hurst but they are very rough. They will go with the car as well as piles of documentation/records

  3. Lee

    A bit of trivia . . . the 300H is the only modern car that does not have a keyed trunk release. The only way to open the trunk is the power release in the glove box

  4. Fred

    Mine and every other one I have seen have the Imperial Leather interior. Those seats look like 300 seats to me.

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