The Line: We Handicap The ENTIRE 40+ Funny Car Field For The CHRR 2013 – Who’s Likely To Win, Who Is A Dark Horse?

The Line: We Handicap The ENTIRE 40+ Funny Car Field For The CHRR 2013 – Who’s Likely To Win, Who Is A Dark Horse?

(Words and photos by Darr Hawthorne) – In the future, we may look back the California Hot Rod Reunion XXII as one of those landmark nitro funny car races that become legend over time.  The buzz among both racers and fans of nitro funny car racing for this final event deciding the Heritage Series Nitro Championships finds a short field for Top Fuel Dragsters and a big enough Funny Car field to clearly provide fans with a historic 32-car eliminator.

With the shortsightedness of the sanctioning body holding only two qualifiers for over forty pre-entered funny cars, the pair of sessions to enter a sixteen car field will keep some very deserving racers from Sunday Eliminations.  Mathematically there are four racers who could possibly win the 2013 Championship, with Jason Rupert leading the points with Dan Horan right behind.

The following is a shot at handicapping the Reunion Nitro Funny Car class, a difficult class to quantify with hitters from all over the United States and Canada making their way to Auto Club Famoso Raceway, and, Famoso is home track to more than half the entrants.  Once again, there will be more nitro cars at the Patch this weekend than you’ll see at any event in the Big Show during whole the year.

There were four of us “experts” who laid out the Funny Car odds for this event, you know who you are, thanks!  You’ll find the Top Fuel Tipster here:


Get in the CHRR ticket line early or put your feet up with a cold one and watch the racing here on BangShift, for one of the best nitro shows in years!


Rupert Black Plague-DH(2-1) Jason Rupert “Black Plague”, Chevy Camaro

So much experience, back-to-back Series Champ, hard to bet against








Dan Horan(2-1) Dan Horan “Patriot”, Ford Mustang

5.75 ET in Tuesday testing, Swearingen and crew have this car on “repeat”, could nail the Championship







Krabill Bucky-DH (2-1) Kris Krabill “Northwest Hitter”, Pontiac Firebird

With Bucky here and 5.76’s in testing, don’t bet against these guys








(3-1) Tim Boychuk “Troy Lee Designs”, Pontiac Firebird

March Meet Champ, has always done well here

(3-1) John Hale “Mike Burkhart Tribute”, Chevy Camaro

Hale’s 5.619 ET crew is closest to a semi-pro funny car team, multiple Championship winner and latest member of the 260 MPH Club

(4-1) Mike Lewis “Brand X”, Ford Mustang

Surprise winner of the last Reunion, always a threat with Paul Smith power

(4-1) Mark Sanders “Mr. Explosive”, Ford Mustang

Knows the Winner’s Circle, Jake can get dad into mid-pak, we’ll see

Overholser California Hustler-DH (4-1) Robert Overholser “California Hustler”, Pontiac Firebird

Rookie ran 5.720 when he needed it this year to win Saturday Night Nitro and low 5.80’s for a runner-up to Horan in June with .949 60 foot








(5-1) Cruz Pedregon “California Charger”, Pontiac Firebird

Won the ’13 World Series of Drag Racing, Big Show prowess might prevail

(5-1) Ronnie Young “Blue Max”, Plymouth Arrow

5.731 ET performer, experienced driver could do well

(5-1) Anthony Bronge “Crop Duster”, Plymouth Barracuda

In Frank Ousley’s funny car, he can never be underestimated

(6-1) Bode Smith “Texas Jungle”, Chevy Vega

Crafty tuning made the sister car a winner at last year’s Reunion

(6-1) Mark Oswald “Candies & Hughes”, Plymouth Barracuda

Welcome back, another 5.77 funny car with a strong Pro driver

 (7-1) Steven Densham “Teacher’s Pet”, Chevy Camaro

Has run 5.75’s, but went out in first round of March Meet

 (7-1) Rian Konno “Kazanjian, Lemon, Konno”, Ford Mustang

Another 5.75 car, getting better all the time and not eating parts

 (7-1) Tim Nemeth “Iceman”, Pontiac Firebird

New found 5.75 car, unknown quantity with new body and paint

 (8-1) Dennis LaCharite “Back in Black”, Pontiac GTO

Sneaking up on 5.80’s and tuner Cory Lee is keeping it together

 (8-1) James Day “Pedaler”, Plymouth Arrow

Up and down year, could wake up this solid crew led by Jon Wurtz, will need consistent low 5.80’s

(10-1) Dale VanGundy “Quarter Pounder”, Dodge Challenger

Has run 5.96, crafty veteran team needs to step it up

(10-1) Cameron Ferre “Twig Zeigler” Plymouth Satellite

Ran 5.73 this year, Twig still remembers how to win

(11-1) Rick Rogers “Smokey’s Darkside”, Dodge Challenger

Has run 5.80’s with this 392 motor, Smokey Alleman is tuning two NFC’s and makes both perform

(12-1) Chris Bennett “Pure Heaven”, Chevy Camaro

Recently got this car in the 5’s, three smart tuners onboard

(12-1) Dennis Taylor “Evil, Wicked, Mean & Nasty”, Ford Mustang

Improving and qualifying better, veteran racer knows the finish line

(12-1) Mike Halstead “Candies & Hughes”, Plymouth Barracuda

Been a while, but has been solid 5.90 car in IHRA trim

(13-1) Shane Harter “Nitro Pirate” Chevy Corvette

Showed promise at Saturday Night Nitro, Leggett has figured it out on the quarter mile and the Salt

 (15-1) Steve Easton “Burn-N-Money”, Plymouth Barracuda

Aussie rookie driving Godfrey’s, an unknown with a veteran crew

 (16-1) Todd Paton “Crusher”, Chevy Camaro

Showed promise this year, but will need all the horsepower he can find

 (17-1) “Bazz” Young “Down Under Thunder”, Chevy Camaro

A 5.90 car out to have some fun this weekend

 (18-1) Roger Stanke “Beartown Shaker” Plymouth Arrow

Welcome to California, this is no vacation

 (18-1) John Powers “California Trucker” Chevy Camaro

Lee Jennings Sr. knows how to make his car thunder, tough field

(18-1) Dwayne Patton “High Voltage”, Chevy Camaro

Needs to step it up for this field, may provide shocking surprise for us

(20-1) Chris Davis “Nitro Vega”, Chevy Vega

Northwest car would need everything they can muster, a long shot

(20-1) Brad Thompson “Jailbreak” Chevy Camaro

Another 392 runner in new Victory car, ex-top fuel Champ is usually a player

(20-1) Alex Miladinovich “Hot 4 Teacher”, Ford Mustang

A long shot, would be thrilled to qualify

(20-1) Richard Townsend, “Nitroholic” Chevy Camaro

Another improving nitro car, a long shot though

(20-1) Don Hudson “Beachcomber”, Plymouth Barracuda

Alky driver, new car, experienced crew, welcome to the jungle

(30-1) Scott Cousimano “Nitro Mafia” Plymouth Arrow

Just licensed, knows bikes and Pro-stock motors, Pop’s may help

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9 thoughts on “The Line: We Handicap The ENTIRE 40+ Funny Car Field For The CHRR 2013 – Who’s Likely To Win, Who Is A Dark Horse?

  1. Farley J Zoober

    We can only make it on Saturday but I never saw that many funnies since OCIR. Thanks Chad & Brian!

  2. riverviewer

    How many Top Fuelers are there? (And–since it’s been a long time since I’ve been to the CHRR–why the drop in TF cars?)

  3. Bob Severin

    This should be a great show, rooting for lee and the California Trucker!
    The 1974 Camaro (just like mine, but a lot faster!) knows what to do!
    If his son is driving again, should be a lethal combo!

  4. Agas Ride

    Great showing!.. When NHRA can’t get 16 cars for the BIG SHOW what are they thinking IS their bread and butter?

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