The Parting Shift: A 351 Powered Tremec TKO Equipped Mustang Hits The Strip

The Parting Shift: A 351 Powered Tremec TKO Equipped Mustang Hits The Strip

Because we’re going to be living in the land of the LS next week at Holley LS Fest we figured that some good old Ford gear bashing was needed for this week’s Parting Shift. The subject at hand is a 1968 Mustang packing a stock bore 351W engine that makes (according to the owner) about 500hp. The trans is a Tremec TKO and the driver is a pretty handy ripper if we don’t say so ourselves.

The video was made at Island Dragway in New Jersey and that is a neat story in and unto itself. Island was facing a bleak future before being rescued a couple of years ago and since then it has been getting better and better for the racers and fans. This happened to be a dial in bracket race day at the track and we’re pretty sure that the film was made in time trials because both guys run their stuff flat out the backdoor. The poster said that his car was good for low 11s and we don’t disagree. In fact, the timer on the video tells the tape quite nicely.

We like the guy’s launch technique. He gets it in there, holds the revs and as the tree falls he snaps the throttle open and dumps the clutch, setting the car and his right arm into motion and fast! This is a cool car and a driver who obviously knows what he is doing. After reading the comments on the video it appears that the dude swapped the 351 and Tremec for a 408 and an automatic. Oh well, at least he gave it a shot!


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7 thoughts on “The Parting Shift: A 351 Powered Tremec TKO Equipped Mustang Hits The Strip

  1. Kevin Bleakley

    What’s up Brian. I appreciate the article about my car. Usually I get a little angry about my videos being used off of YouTube due to copyright and adsense, not getting paid etc.. but I think you did a nice writeup. There are more videos on my page. Look up Revinkevn. Thanks

    1. Dave Twitchet

      Where’s a video of you powershifting? I think the car was shifted very well. Besides, bracket racing isn’t about how fast you can go but about how consistent you can be.

      1. claymore

        Panties in a bunch much? No need for video jump in the right seat and ride along I will give you a lesson on it.

        Like we all know bracket isn’t RACING LOL you just admitted it.

          1. claymore

            Don’t you? Seats are needed in REAL race class cars you know the ones actually racing against each other trying to win.

  2. Kevin Bleakley

    Yeah, it’s hard to power shift a tko without the liberty synchro mod. I’ve done it but it beats the motor and tranny. It’s wild as hell when I did. Went a few thousand quicker too.

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