The Parting Shift: Bangin’ Gears on the Bottle!

The Parting Shift: Bangin’ Gears on the Bottle!

We got tipped off to this video of a guy running down the strip, pulling through the gears, and at the same time spraying it with nitrous, and found it pretty interesting. As you watch the video, pay close attention the driver’s thumb on the steering wheel mounted nitrous button. He’s on and off that baby each time he makes a gear change. It is pretty neat.

Also note that once he is in high gear he stays off the button other than for a little blurb at the top end of the track. We’re wondering if he is running an index class and that last final toot was to put him right up on the index number or if his competition was a little too close and he wanted to grab another fender length on him.

Either way, this is pretty cool stuff!

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