The Tuesday Shift: Lenco Plus Poncho is Bueno

The Tuesday Shift: Lenco Plus Poncho is Bueno

Here’s a neat video showing a day in the life of a drag racer, more specifically a stick shift drag racer yanking handles on a Lenco transmission during a race at Eddyville, Iowa. The car is a 1967 Firebird with a 427ci Chevy engine in it and a 5-speed Lenco CS2. What’s neat is that he pulls all five gears in the eighth mile. This car must have some manly gears in the rear end and if you consider 5.00 to be manly, it does!

There is music involved but if you crank the speakers, you can here the 427 working away. Using GoPro cameras, the action is captured from many different angles during the long race day. The guys in the video ended up finishing in second place at the event, which is awesome for someone dumping the clutch and pulling their own gears.

Pay attention to the laps when the camera is over the driver’s shoulder. He knows this car well and his shifts are timed to the millisecond to when the shift light pops on. No elapsed times were published with the video, but this Chevy powered Pontiac seems like a real mover!

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    Eddyville runs a monthly stick shift program and the Ozark Mountain Super Shifters are booked in twice a summer also.

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