The World’s First (and Only) 6.2L Raptor Engine Swapped Fox Mustang Is For Sale – Stick And 9-Second ETs!

The World’s First (and Only) 6.2L Raptor Engine Swapped Fox Mustang Is For Sale – Stick And 9-Second ETs!

The 6.2L SOHC Ford Boss V8 is an engine that few people have done much with yet. The thing makes some great power in stock form as as time progresses we’re guessing that the “big block” of the Ford V8 family will get more and more love. Right now there are scant few examples of cars built with this engine but the one you see above and below is one of them. This Fox Mustang has a 6.2L Raptor engine in it and it is backed with a stick. Virtually untouched, the car runs in the 9s at over 130mph naturally aspirated! This car is not hacked, it was not swapped in a weekend, it was done at a very high level and when you see the photos below you’ll understand what we are saying. The headers alone look like some of the more complicated snake bundles we have seen in a long time.

Because the engine is virtually stock aside from some tuning work like welding the cams to keep the variable valve timing from messing with the tune up, the car can be street driven and we’re guessing that it gets a LOT of looks. These guys decided to top the engine with a carb and that really added to the height factor so that’s why this car is seen hoodless. There would need to be one nose bleeder of a cowl scoop to cover that mountain up. We’re not sure why they did not go with an EFI setup on the car that would have kept the engine height down but that was their choice and obviously it runs like stink.

Outside of the engine, the fact that they backed it with a gear jammer is cool to us. The Liberty Gear TKO 500 has been worked up with 2nd and 4th gears face plated along with cryo treating and lots of detail finish work to keep the thing alive in the brutal environment of the drag strip and during powershifts on the street.

We love stuff like this that is different, fast, and highly executed. Hit the link below to learn the full story on the car and oh…it is for sale!


raptor1 raptor2 raptor3





raptor5 raptor6



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10 thoughts on “The World’s First (and Only) 6.2L Raptor Engine Swapped Fox Mustang Is For Sale – Stick And 9-Second ETs!

  1. Nick D.

    I had kept hoping that Ford would put that engine in Mustangs from the factory as a Mach 1 package but I guess that was too much to hope for.

    1. Sumgai

      From what I’ve seen and heard, Ford doesn’t love their 6.2 that much. It’s a shame as I think it’s a solid motor.

      1. Nick D.

        Yeah. Is it even available anymore? I’m pretty sure you can’t get it in an F-150 anymore. The Tremor should have had the 6.2L engine instead of the EcoBoost, in my opinion.

        1. Sumyungai

          Yeah I’m pretty sure they discontinued the 6.2… It was way to short lived… Ecoboost is a nice thing, but so is raw power

          1. fast Ed

            Still available as the base gas engine for the Super Duty pickups, that’s it. No more F-150 application as mentioned.

  2. Tom P

    Great car, too bad Ford is orphaning such a good engine. Be nice if there were a wiring harness to be able to use them with the variable cam timing in swaps.

    1. Sumgai

      A donor salvaged F250 is cheap. I’ve seen 30-40k mile examples for under $5k, then you have everything.

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