Wait, Where Video: Yes, They Even Go Drag Racing In Zimbabwe – Neat Cars!

Wait, Where Video: Yes, They Even Go Drag Racing In Zimbabwe – Neat Cars!

We have often told you that drag racing is a sport that happens (in one form or another) in every country on Earth. Today we’ll refine that point even more by showing you video of side by side competition taking place the country of Zimbabwe at Donnybrook Raceway. Now, if you are really savvy you’ll know how we found this video. If not, we’ll remove the mystery.

See we were looking for videos of the Donnybrook Raceway in Minnesota that later became Brainerd International Raceway. Instead we found this one and the awesome video below. This course was built when Zimbabwe was still known as Rhodesia back in the 1970s and was intended to be an F1 circuit at that time. The country’s rather unstable political past has not really helped to make the track a world-class facility but it is awesome for local road racing and drag racing events, the likes of which you will see here.

What’s so interesting to us in this video are the cars, of course. We can recognize just about all of them, especially the Shelby Cobra replica! The right hand drive Shelby handles its business as it should and we’re guessing is one of the fastest cars at the circuit.

America has exported a lot of stuff across the world over the centuries but drag racing is easily the coolest and perhaps the most widely spread, outside of blue jeans.

Press play below to check out drag racing in Zimbabwe!

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