This 1930 Hudson With Twin Blown Big Blocks Is The Craziest Thing On eBay Right Now

This 1930 Hudson With Twin Blown Big Blocks Is The Craziest Thing On eBay Right Now

BangShifter Matt¬†DuCharme gets 100% credit for finding the craziest thing we have ever seen for sale on eBay before. Normally we don’t double down on eBay posts on a normal day but this is anything but a normal day when there’s a 1930 Hudson coupe with twin blown big blocks staring at you, right? Called the “Hudson Hornet” the insane creation is powered by a pair of 468ci big block Chevy engines that are blown by remotely mounted roots superchargers that feed compressed air to a pair of sealed boxes where the carbs consume it and add fuel before said air is forced down the very long and very narrow runners on the intake manifold.

There are a pair of transmissions with a pair of driveshafts that spin a pair of offset center sections out back. By the looks of the engine photos the Hudson has the ability to shoot fire from the zoomies as the extra spark plugs wired into the ends of the headers denote. There are not photos or video of the thing making fire at this point but then again we were more impressed with the two big engines sitting there in the nose of the hot rod.

We have to say that this is a well built freak of nature. When you look at the details and when you see some of the photos that show the car in construction, it does appear that the engineering and planning work that went into this took some time as you’d expect. We have seen and shown you other twin engine creations that look as though they came together over an afternoon of peyote and Busch Light but this is not one of those things. Now, is it legal to drive this car down the road with open zoomie headers anywhere but, say, Michigan? Likely not but that shouldn’t stop you either. There’s also a small mural of a woman riding a Pegasus with her boobs out on the trunk, because why wouldn’t there be, right?

The radiators and fans are located at the aft of the creation and they are beefy as well. Both manual water pumps and electric pumps are used to circulate the water. A pair of Turbo 400 transmissions are controlled by a single shifter and the machine has all the creature comforts, even a backup camera to aid you in not crashing the thing into any objects that may not have been scared off behind you.

The seller is claiming that the combo makes 1,600hp and while we’re sure that the whole works is stupid powerful, we’re thinking that 800hp a piece out of these steel headed, likely low boosted rats may be a little much. It’ll probably roast the tires from here to eternity, so who the heck really cares, right? This is an exercise in creativity and complete excess and on both of those fronts it succeeds masterfully. Do we want it? Meh, not really but our kids went nutso over it and there’s someone out there hankering to drop the hammer in this thing or just rumble through the next show with it.

Subtle as a neutron bomb!


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5 thoughts on “This 1930 Hudson With Twin Blown Big Blocks Is The Craziest Thing On eBay Right Now

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie


    Apart from the choice of engine this is one of the best rods I have ever seen on these hallowed pages!

    It combines street rodding with the craziness of 60s freak one-offs from Ed Big Daddy Roth and others – and the standard of craftsmanship is off the scale of brilliant – but I would swap the carbs for two hole Hilborn injectors on top of the blowers like the set up on the old Mooneyes dragster.

    Well done – lets see more street freaks like this!

  2. cole

    Cool to see they how they tied the drivetrains together! That makes a lot more sense than using the flywheels and one motor running CCW.

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