This 1969 Blazer Ain’t Exactly Our Style But It Wouldn’t Take Much To Get It There

This 1969 Blazer Ain’t Exactly Our Style But It Wouldn’t Take Much To Get It There

Isn’t it interesting how we all have different tastes in cars and trucks. What’s hot stuff for one of us is untouchable by another and what someone builds may have inklings of coolness for some and be other the top of Mount Awesome for the rest of the world. This 1969 Blazer is a VERY nice truck. The thing was either professionally built or it was done by someone who has some major league talent in this hobby. Either way, my opinions on the bones of the truck, the construction of the truck, and all of that are top shelf. On the styling side is where I am not exactly on board but I have a plan!

I can’t exactly pinpoint when people started building a pro street style car or truck and then instead of the small rim/huge tire look that we have all known for years, they went with a short sidewall tire and a big diameter rim. This does not do it for me like the traditional style pro street look and that is one of the things I would change on this Blazer. The next would be the paint. This thing needs to be a sold color, like black. Like miles deep black that looks as though you could dip your arm into. I’d also go with some modified Chevy rally truck wheels. Steel painted body color would be pretty rad if this thing were black.

The engine is pretty awesome and I would not touch a thing. The big block with the dual quads on it looks cool and likely makes enough power to scoot this thing down the road with some alarm. The addition of the giant wheel tubs certainly took away from passenger space but that’s cool. My wife and I need some time away from the kids now and then anyway and since this has a lift off top we could even do it in the open air environment if we wanted to.

Now, to be totally clear if someone walked up to me today and handed me the keys to this truck I’d drive it until the wheels fell off…at which point I would do all the stuff I suggested above.

If you were handed the keys would you change it up? Cruise it as is? What changes would you make?

Scroll down to see the photos and then hit the link to see the eBay listing –

blazer1 blazer2 blazer3 blazer4 blazer5 blazer6 blazer7 blazer8


eBay listing: 1969 Chevy Blazer pro street

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5 thoughts on “This 1969 Blazer Ain’t Exactly Our Style But It Wouldn’t Take Much To Get It There

  1. jerry z

    I have to agree with the rear big wheel thing, never liked it. The color combo works for me, its like a big creamsicle!

    The price is a bit steep for the work done IMHO.

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What are you trying to do to me?

    ANOTHER Chevy I actually like!

    I would put narrower wheels on the back, but keep the awesome paint job. Is it just me or does it look like a VW Variant on steroids?

  3. Threedoor

    Door handles and mirrors. Why do people remove them or replace them with clunky plastic modern ones? I’ve never understood that. The small factory mirrors Chevy offered on the light trucks in 67-72 look good to me. I agree that factory 80s vintage rally wheels would look good as well.

  4. BeaverMartin

    I agree with threedoor, it needs small round mirrors and stock style door handles , though I do have a fantasy of installing AMC door handles on everything. I think it would look great with narrowed, smoothed chrome bumpers, a stock hood and those big 18-19 inch wheels that look like rally wheels.

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