Tough Video: This Twin Turbo Small Block Brazilian Camaro Wrecks Hard – Driver OK, Incredible Video

Tough Video: This Twin Turbo Small Block Brazilian Camaro Wrecks Hard – Driver OK, Incredible Video

This video will make you grit your teeth. Not because you are angry but because you feel pretty crummy for the guy who is strapped into his race car after it hauls the mail, has the parachutes fail, and heads off into the wild blue yonder before landing outside the track. Filmed in Brazil, this film is proof that the basic ground rules of racing smart apply all over the Earth.

The car in question is an awesome twin turbocharged (traditional) small block Camaro that runs 7s and looks absolutely stunning. He’s shown match racing an Opala in the first part of the video and then locking horns with the same Opala in the second part of the video. Like every hunk of footage we have seen on the Hot Campinas YouTube Channel, this one uses a load of different angles and looks of the run, including in-car footage which is the most intense part of this video.

The beautiful car proved that its appearance was way more than skin deep because it sustained multiple rolls and impacts, held its shape, protected its driver, and let this dude walk away. The really weird thing about this is how the parachutes failed. The driver pulled the handle and they hit, both ripping off immediately and leaving the driver with very few options as he was deep into the shutdown. We’re guessing the Camaro is about 3,000lbs of hot rod as well.

The good news is that this guy walks. The bad news is that is Camaro is hurt.

Press play below to see this Brazilian Camaro wreck hard – the driver is OK

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7 thoughts on “Tough Video: This Twin Turbo Small Block Brazilian Camaro Wrecks Hard – Driver OK, Incredible Video

  1. Danno

    What a beautiful car. Total bummer. That is really strange how both chutes failed like that. I don’t know enough about chutes to know why? Driver tried to put the car into a broadslide to slow it down. Unfortunate the soft wall slick appeared to roll under snd dig into causing the car to roll. Glad the driver is ok. Hope they can repair the car. Damage was pretty extensive.

  2. ratty

    FTW, that’s at VeloPark just south of Porto Alegre in Brasil, at what looks like very nice multi-track complex that also includes a 1.4 mile road course, a really nice kart road course, and a kart oval as well.. Looking at the satellite view of the track without knowing the actual length, the shutdown doesn’t look any longer than another 1320 feet, which isn’t the longest shutdown but it’s pretty decent, not as short as people think. For comparison, Pomona has one of the shortest shutdown areas of any NHRA track, and it’s only 780 feet of shutdown and another 320 feet of sand trap. The problem with VeloPark isn’t the shutdown, it’s that there is no sand trap, the end of the track just ends and ends up crossing a section of the intersecting road course, with nothing more than a tire barrier separating the two. The Camaro ends up rolling over the tire barrier and ending up over the road course and into the weeds. They really need to put a couple hundred feet of actual sand trap with netting there, it would shorten the shutdown but it would still be longer than Pomona by a couple hundred feet. Not having a good sand trap is just nuts.

    That is one nice looking Camaro btw…. But I bet as violent as that crash was, it didn’t look like it took too bad of a beating considering, though you know that driver had his bell rung that’s for sure… hope he wasn’t injured too badly.

    1. ratty

      oops, major correction!…. I accidentally wiped out the actual comment I was going to post and posted a completely inaccurate one that I first wrote (all thumbs here today attempting to edit my own writing)… The shutdown at this track, at around 1320′, is way too short, and comparing Pomona, its shutdown at 2100′ long, about 780 feet longer than VeloPark’s. So yeah, correcting myself, VeloPark’s shutdown is definitely too short, but they still need to put in a sand trap, especially because it’s too short.

  3. Joel Hemi

    It looks to me like they had 2 nets in place. I wonder if the driver would have been better off driving straight into the nets, and keep most of the forces on his body all in one direction, forward against the harness, rather than the multitude of forces in every direction with that kind of a barrel roll?


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