Wrenching On A 1949-1951 Ford? Make Sure You Upgrade To Power Steering With Borgeson!

Wrenching On A 1949-1951 Ford? Make Sure You Upgrade To Power Steering With Borgeson!

We all love old cars around here. The fact that they represent history, they represent evolution, and they represent the kind of mechanical progress that an industry was built on all play a part into our automotive fandom. They are also a blank canvas which can be made into the builder’s or owner’s vision is the other big deal here. Cars like the iconic 1949-1951 Ford have long served as the puddy in the hands of hot rodders. These famed “shoebox” Fords are about as cool as they come and when repowered with modern engines and transmissions, the fun goes through the roof. There is one part of the program that can always use attention in these older cars, the steering.

Converting your 1949-1951 Ford to power steering is absolutely no problem with this kit from our pals at Borgeson. The steering box, the mounting bracket, the hardware, and the arm are all included here. Pumps and hoses can also be had with more details to be found on the website linked below.

Why would you want to have a cool old Ford that has the steering ratio of a cruise liner? You don’t. Upgrade with this kit and you get a nice ratio power steering box that virtually installs itself. You are not going to be figuring out brackets or how to mount stuff, that work has already been done.

Borgeson has an incredible product line, make sure you visit the website and check out what they have to fit your application. From modern muscle cars and trucks to iconic classics, they have what you want.

Hit the image below to learn more about this cool kit –

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