Vicious Dyno Action: Watch A PDRA Pro Boost Engine Get Pulled Over 8,000 RPM – Hellacious!

Vicious Dyno Action: Watch A PDRA Pro Boost Engine Get Pulled Over 8,000 RPM – Hellacious!

The PDRA Pro Boost category is not the place for cowards or sissies and this video proves that because we get to see a blown alcohol burning hemi get ripped at Rage Fuel Systems on their inertia dyno. The Pro Boost category is not just blower machines but there are also turbocharged entries in there so the fans get a good mix of equipment to root for. In the case of this video we’re looking at Russ Miler’s engine that is being run at Rage Fuel Systems down in South Carolina. Rage is a neat outfit in that they specialize in really hardcore fuel systems for all different types of racing. Their pumps are nasty and while they got their start up in Connecticut, it was the proximity to more racing and likely a more business friendly climate that got them to South Carolina. Run this motor in Connecticut and there would be lawyers, angry neighbors, and weenies coming in from the woodwork to break your chops.

So in this video we see the MBE headed hemi with the huffer on top fire up, the timing gets checked and then the guys go back into the control room to pull the engine. The mill is given a little RPM and then Mike Kopchick takes the throttle handle and gives it what for. At that moment the engine really roars as it accelerates the weight in the inertia dyno before climbing to the very top of its RPM range and being chopped off. After letting the engine idle for a second they shut it down.

We have been around some fairly powerful engines on dynos before but we have never been in a building when a blown alcohol hemi is running at full song. It looks literally electric. This single mag screamer will be hurting some feelings this weekend in Rockingham, we bet as the PDRA tour rolls into town starting with testing on Thursday.

Press play below to see this 2,800hp PDRA Pro Boost Make A Dyno Pull At Rage Fuel Systems

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