Unexpected Hero: Watch This Vortech YSi Blown Porsche 928 Make 1,1113hp To The Wheels – Porsche Powered!

Unexpected Hero: Watch This Vortech YSi Blown Porsche 928 Make 1,1113hp To The Wheels – Porsche Powered!

Want to talk about daring to be different? How about making four digit horsepower at the wheels with a Porsche 928 V8 engine! Carl Fausett owns this car and he is the guy who not only has developed the engine package you see here but he’s also the guy that races the thing incessantly. The car with this blower setup is in Bonneville trim as we see it here but it gets road raced and generally abused as well.

The Porsche 928 was powered by a succession of V8 engines that ranged in the 5.0L to 5.4L zone. At the last iteration the engines were making about 350hp from the factory. A good piece and certainly a fun car to drive but that was not good enough for Fausett. He and his 928 Motorsports team developed a package to stroke one of these things to 6.5L. These are dual overhead camshaft, four valve per cylinder engines. They breathe pretty well from the factory and they really love the extra stroke that come with the longer armed crank, they like cylinder sleeves that provide more bore and they certainly appear to love boost by looking at what this thing makes with the YSi

We do not think that car did all that much at Bonneville this year because, well, no one did. The salt was garbage and wet so we’re hoping Gary will be heading back in his blown gas altered Porsche because with the power this thing makes, we are fascinated by the possibilities of performance.

For now, sit back relax and listen to an unsung hero V8 put in work on the rollers!

Press play below to see a Porsche V8 put 1,113hp to the wheels!

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11 thoughts on “Unexpected Hero: Watch This Vortech YSi Blown Porsche 928 Make 1,1113hp To The Wheels – Porsche Powered!

  1. chevy hatin' mad geordie

    Thers seems to be a growing number of builders that are turning their backs on LS motors at last!

  2. heavy chaf\'n bad grimey

    There seems to be a groaning mumbler of britain turding out back from a dose of exlax!

  3. Patrick

    Porsche- kicking V8s asses for 50 years lol. I love V8s too, interesting that Weissach built a 5.0 v8 for their cruiser, no?

  4. heavy chaf\'n sad grimey

    Yes, but keep it in perspective- my Reliant Robin when adapted to run on oxygenated Old Pulteney with a 150 shot of nitrous produced over 46.54 horsepower and 32.63 lbs foot, and that below 2000 rpm!! Of course, my budget was considerably less than the 928 project…….Initially it was quite generously subsidized, but I\’m told funding had to be re-allocated for \’Remain\’ banner printing, or some such thing; I don\’t know……Cheers

  5. JW

    Whether you like it or not the LS platform is a great design and it can make enormous amounts of power cheap. I\’m a Ford man but you just can\’t deny the facts just because you don\’t like GM!

  6. Web Design Company in Riyadh

    They inhale truly well from the manufacturing plant and they truly love the additional stroke that accompanies the more drawn out furnished wrench, they like chamber sleeves that give more bore and they unquestionably seem to adore support by taking a gander at what this thing makes

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