Watch Mike Finnegan’s Blasphemi ’55 Dominate A Hellcat Challenger, A Tank Tracked FC170, And A Breadbox With Wheels In A Drag Race

Watch Mike Finnegan’s Blasphemi ’55 Dominate A Hellcat Challenger, A Tank Tracked FC170, And A Breadbox With Wheels In A Drag Race

This is a fun watch from our pals over the at the Motor Trend channel on YouTube as it pits Mike Finnegan’s Blasphemi 1955 Chevy against a brand new 707hp Hellcat Challenger, a mildly breathed on turbo Chevy Sonic, and the absolutely bad ass DayStar Products tracked, hemi powered, Jeep FC170 that we freaked out over at SEMA. Apparently, Finnegan could not wrangle a SEMA car out of any of the displayers so he decided to show up with his 1955 Chevy that’s been driven all over creation and still looks and sounds to be running like a top. In fact, wait until you hear this thing at full wail during the race.

Although the race footage is cool on its own, the few minutes we get to see the DayStar Jeep cruising on its tracks are probably our favorite part of the whole thing. The truck looks like a bright green Doomsday machine, ready to tackle any horrid situation with its cheery paint job, late model hemi power, and automatic transmission. Although driver Fred Williams claims that it makes 10,000hp we’re thinking that his estimate may be “rounded up” a by a factor of 10,000 or so. Either way, it still rules to see and hear the truck rolling along on the tracks and the reaction of the other competitors when they see him rolling up is priceless. If that was acting, they did a good job.

As we gave away in the title, the Chevy really beats up on everything here. We were kind of surprised how hard it walked off from the Hellcat. Don’t get us wrong, we were rooting for the thing the whole time but we thought it was going to be a closer match. Maybe if Finnegan welded another 1955 Chevy to the roof of his car to make the weight even it would have been closer. Who cares.

The cars, trucks, setting, and sounds are all great here. Give this one a watch!


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13 thoughts on “Watch Mike Finnegan’s Blasphemi ’55 Dominate A Hellcat Challenger, A Tank Tracked FC170, And A Breadbox With Wheels In A Drag Race

  1. Nick D.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the results because figured, with it’s weight advantage and better power:weight ratio, the Blasphemi would get off to a strong start but that the Hellcat, with it’s relatively better aerodynamics, would go around it on the top end.

    When the guy with the Sonic states that sometimes a car doesn’t have to be fast, it just has to look fast, I did get a little irritated. If you are going to make your car look quick, it damn well better be able to back the looks up.

    1. ColoradoKid

      …. which just goes to prove …

      Talent , ingenuity and engineering trumps Corporate bs each and every time … not to mention yet another defeat for the almighty and much worshiped by the MOPAR delusional’s Dodge Asthmatic Kitty …

      And err … perhaps this loss by the Hellcat might be put down to the fact that this is a Showroom Stock Hellcat …. rather than the one off specials FCA’s been using for their propaganda campaigns ?

      Cause of course FCA and their divisions have never done that before now … have they ! [ re; Ferrari , Maserati , the Alfa 4C etc ]



      1. 75Duster

        GuitarSlinger/ColoradoKid what do you have to offer of your own to compete against a Challenger Hellcat?
        Last time I checked you had a Mercedes SUV, and a Vespa, and you like VW vans. You must be some sort of automotive plumber, as all you do is talk shit on this website.

      2. moparnutz

        SHUT THE
        F*CK UP
        no one gives a s*** about your opinion…
        you stupid prick !!!!

      3. TJ

        You do realize it is a MOPAR Hemi in the 55 Chevy.
        if you watched the whole video, you would also realize the Blasphemi was purpose built for exactly this type of race?

        but comparable slicks on the Hellcat, and it would have at least tied if not beat the Blasphemi.

        Don’t get me wrong, Finnegan’s 55 is incredible, and I was very happy it won. But the Hellcat is really a different beast. it can to things like go around corners at high speed, and you can listen to the radio, and hear yourself think.

        You’re saying “Fuck apples!” because you like oranges.

  2. TheSilverBuick

    Watched this last weekend and found it hilarious. All the vendors have seen Roadkill by now =P

    The comments by the Sonic guy were certainly tongue in cheek as he knew he brought a knife to a gun fight. Overall very entertaining video.

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