Watch Steven Fereday Escape From His Burning Car At Lights Out 8 – He Is OK

Watch Steven Fereday Escape From His Burning Car At Lights Out 8 – He Is OK

I have been to many drag races over my 20 years in the sport but there’s never been one like Lights Out 8. The days are long, the action is completely mental and we still have multiple days left to go! Steven Fereday suffered a big fire the other day and CompetitionPlus scored some harrowing video of Fereday extracting himself from the blaze after getting the car stopped on the track.

From what we understand, a fitting broke in the fuel system after the hard landing the car had on this run, causing fuel to spray under the hood and ignite. From the timing tower vantage point this one looked pretty bad with flamed licking 10+ft into the air. From the vantage point of this video, which is head on to the nightmare, it looks even worse.

Steven Fereday had the right gear on, had the right systems in place on his car to protect himself, and was able to literally walk away from an incident that cold have been far more horrible had he not been doing the right things safety-wise.

How hot was in inside his car? Checkout the fact that the dude is literally smoking as he climbs out of the Camaro and hustles across the race track. If you are not watching this deal on MotorMania TV or following the racing LIVE here at the link on the front page, you are doing life wrong.

Press play below to watch Steven Fereday escape his burning car –

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