Watch Stevie Jackson Suffer A Horrendous Flying Wreck In The Shadow

Watch Stevie Jackson Suffer A Horrendous Flying Wreck In The Shadow

Stevie Jackson suffered a massive and wild wreck on Sunday at No Mercy 7. He is OK but it appears that The Shadow, the famed small tire Mustang owned by NHRA top fuel crew chief Phil Schuler is mangled beyond saving. As you will see, the car was racing against radial titan DeWayne Mills in a huge matchup during the very rich Radial Vs The World class during eliminations when the car went into a power wheelie and was traveling so fast that it literally took flight. Thankfully after sliding to a stop Jackson extricated himself from the banged up car and ran off to safety. As we type this, Jackson is up and about at the track hanging out at the starting line and watching racing because his nitrous car as drive by Jeff Stitton is still in competition.

Over the years one of the hallmarks of the small tire events at SGMP have been “blow over” style wrecks. It it not anything new, it has been going on for some time and it is a consequence of the baddest small tire cars on the planet running on one of the best prepped tracks on the planet for one of the richest prizes drag racing has to offer on the planet.

We’re sure that we’ll be hearing more from Jackson over the coming days about this crash but it is one of the most wild things we have ever seen on video from any dragstrip anywhere. The way it floats up like a leaf and then comes down like a pallet of bricks is just trippy.

Stevie’s OK…Shadow 1.0 is a goner. Now, have you heard about the newest version that’s coming soon? (Maybe sooner than planned?)

Press play to watch the craziness that’s the Stevie Jackson wreck in The Shadow


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4 thoughts on “Watch Stevie Jackson Suffer A Horrendous Flying Wreck In The Shadow

  1. David Allen

    why no wheelie bars? Is it in the rules? Could this possibly have been prevented with wheelie bars?
    glad to hear the driver is ok

    1. David Allen

      Thats the other thing I dont get, all the people on the line, and how in footage at races like this, when there is an accident, the track announcer has to tell people to stay where they are…

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