Watch This Flying Camaro And The Photographer Who Dove To Save His Own Life

Watch This Flying Camaro And The Photographer Who Dove To Save His Own Life

Anyone who has spent lots of time at the race track, especially those that spend their time in close proximity to the track itself can get lulled into a false sense of security. You see a thousand runs and nothing extraordinary happens and then on run 1,001 the poop hits the fan and you are in a life and death situation. Such is the case shown in this incredible video from the Grand Bend Motorplex in Ontario, Canada. This is a place I have been a couple of times for IHRA action back in the day and it serves as the backdrop for about as insane a close call as we have ever seen. Flying Camaro and diving photographer may be a cool name for a Kung Fu movie but not for a day at the digs.

As you will see in the description of the video and what happened below, the car suffered a rear suspension failure on the starting line that drove it immediately right and cause it to hit the concrete barrier wall and then take a short flight. The major bummer in this is that there was a photographer in the flightpath of the car and thankfully for all involved that dude was fleet of foot and dove/willed himself invisible before the car squashed him.

This is a quick clip so watch it a few times. It is truly jaw dropping.

Read the description of how this happened and see the video of the flying Camaro –

The right rear 4 link bar bent right at the starting line drove the car into and over the wall. We 1st thought it was the rear axle that broke but was not the case, bottom right rear 4 link bar failed. When you slow the video down, you can see how close Dwayne Young was. Watch it on Discovery Megaspeed.

Posted by Shawn Mcfalls on Friday, February 5, 2016

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8 thoughts on “Watch This Flying Camaro And The Photographer Who Dove To Save His Own Life

  1. Hoffman

    Whoa! Way too close for comfort…..Watching it the third time, I notice the concrete barrier moved quite a bit. The Camaro packed a mean punch. Banzai!!

  2. john

    A “jersey barrier” that’s not anchored is just a hunk of concrete. Maybe people who hang around the armco should also think twice.

  3. Pops Burns

    This is the very reason all of those dumb a** wannabes crowded around the starting at radial tire “street car races” will soon end up getting hurt or killed..good god, do the insurance companies not see whats going on, or do most tracks not even have insurance anymore.

  4. John

    this type of barrier is completely unsafe. i have seen more cars scrapped and people (drivers and fans) hurt because of these things… This wreck should have been so much less destructive…

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