Manifold Explosion Video: Watch This Mustang Barf The Whole Hood!

Manifold Explosion Video: Watch This Mustang Barf The Whole Hood!

Boy, this is about as violent as an intake manifold explosion comes outside of the world of professional level drag racing. You are going to see a nasty sounding little Mustang at English Mountain Dragway get up on the two step and then turn into a rolling version of Pompeii.

Mountain Dragway in Newport, Tennessee is a cool place that’s one of hundreds of small, mom and pop drag strips across the USA. The places where people from the local community can go and hang out, can go and see cool stuff, and can go and test their mettle against other hot rodders in the area. It’s the kind of place that defines the sport of drag racing’s grassroots and humble nature. Not a pretentious monument to wealth, but a fantastic little battlefield of speed.

Anyway, on this night the track had been stripped and the event that was being run was a no-prep style race. We do not know how deep into the competition we are here but we do know that it ends in a violent hurry for the competitor in the Mustang.

How does this happen? Something ignites the load of fuel and nitrous oxide in the intake manifold and it all goes up and once. In the case of this plastic intake manifold equipped LS engine, it blew the thing apart like a child’s toy. The escaping pressure shot the hood off and that was that.

Lastly, how about the dudes on the starting line waiting for the driver to get out with his own extinguisher to put the fire out. No one was in a panic, but no one was really rushing to get the fire out either. The driver blasted it out with one quick shot from his little extinguisher. More evidence as to why you should always have them.

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6 thoughts on “Manifold Explosion Video: Watch This Mustang Barf The Whole Hood!

  1. Danno

    Yeah, I bet the tracks insurance company would love to see this video. No safety personnel or even a fire extinguisher on the starting line? Wow. Not a track I would choose to run at.

  2. ratty

    Wow… So let me get this straight, the track has no track crew, no fire equipment, and the only reason why the fire was put out was because the driver took his own little extinguisher out of his car and put it out himself? So if he couldn’t get out of the car, the car would’ve burned to the ground with the driver stuck inside of it? And I’m gonna guess they didn’t have an EMT or ambulance at the ready either. Wow… And exactly how does this track even exist? Hell, even George Ray’s Wildcat Dragway, an infamously old school outlaw track in Arkansas, which is basically someone’s backyard, has fire extinguishers at the ready and track crew to help out the driver should something bad happen. This place is, well, it makes George Ray’s look like Norwalk.

  3. Jeff Slauenwhite

    In all the years I have raced, super pro, pro, sportsman, I have NEVER needed anyone to hold me in the burnout area……..

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