The American Powertrain Parting Shift: Tommy Godfrey Drags The Bumper And Bangs Through The Gears!

The American Powertrain Parting Shift: Tommy Godfrey Drags The Bumper And Bangs Through The Gears!

This is a quick and cool video which was taken by Greg Novac, featuring multi-time NMRA Factory Stock champion Tommy Godfrey. In it, you will see this Pure Street legal Mustang making a test pass at Maryland International Raceway. Two things become apparent as soon as the driver lets out the clutch. Thing one is that the traction at MIR is REALLY good and the second is that the Mustang may need a couple pounds of weight in the nose to keep the launches from becoming weather reports like this one was. The license plate on the car is as awesome as the car itself and the fact that it HAS a license plate is cool because we’re assuming that the car is street legal and if it can wheelie like this on the street, we bet it can get at least a little altitude on the street.

The combo in the car is cool. 311ci small block, T-5 transmission, 26×10-15 slicks, and a curb weight of 2900lbs. This is a nine second car and being that we’ve attended a few NMRA events this season, we can tell you straight up that this class rules pretty hard, especially if you like small block V8s working hard and screaming to the moon!

Godfrey is a whiz with the stick shift as you can hear him rip through the gears quickly as the car heads down the track. It seems that this was an eighth mile pass because he only pulls a couple gears before lifting and coasting but the wheelstand combined with his handiness with the handle pegged the awesome scale for us. A couple of subtle things it took us a couple viewings to catch were the fact that there was ZERO tire slippage on this run and listen to the pedal job the driver pulled off as the car was reaching for the sky. Had he not done that, it would have landed like a pallet of bricks falling from the sky and it probably would have wiped out the front end, headers, etc. Quick thinking and good driving saved him from a big repair bill and allowed him to complete the run under power. That’s the good stuff!



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