We Found A Complete Chrysler Long Ram Intake Setup For Sale – Coolest Factory Intake Ever?

We Found A Complete Chrysler Long Ram Intake Setup For Sale – Coolest Factory Intake Ever?

In terms of visual impact, in terms of corporate guts, and in terms of no-holds-barred performance for its heyday nothing comes close to matching the Chrysler long ram intake manifold. They were not really produced in massive supply and today most of the remaining ones are spoken for so when an example like this one comes up for sale on eBay it is worth noting, especially if it is 100% intact and in great shape as this one appears to be. Hell, the one you see below even comes with the exhaust manifolds!

Sold in 1960 as standard equipment on 300G and 300F models, the tubes are 30″ long because engineers figured out that with the 30″ tubes the engine would make peak torque at 2,800 RPM which is right where they wanted it.

Many people think that all of these things are made the same but they are not. There was a shorter ram intake that brought the torque number up to over 3,000 RPM for its peak and those basically have the carbs over the valve covers. These 30″ jobs have the carbs pretty much hanging over the front fender of the car sitting next to you at a traffic light.

One of the things that makes this sale unique is the inclusion of the exhaust manifolds that have valves to send exhaust heat towards the intake. In cold weather these things were horrible and made for really bad driving manners. On a normal intake, engine heat radiates up and keeps the carb warm. In this setup, the carb is so far away, it gets nothing at all. That means lots of flooding, fouled plugs, and disappointed customers…until summer when they rule the streets again.


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3 thoughts on “We Found A Complete Chrysler Long Ram Intake Setup For Sale – Coolest Factory Intake Ever?

  1. Kent Reed

    I am a Mopar man,sounds to me that the fella that wrote that there article must be a Chevy boy. If you look into these intakes they have a great story .The Ramchargers “High and Mighty”Coupe with the 1st tunnel ram. They used hoses on the intake runners in the drag car.So they could alter their length .They also made an intake that used side draft webbers . That would fit under the hood. I have spoke at length to a couple old timers that bought cars with this intake as new. Both said they were king of the street. Real torque monsters. One engine builder I spoke with a while back told about. He built an engine for a customer . Big inch . He wanted to use a long ram intake. He siad it ruined the car. I thought do to having to cut it to fit . He said nope, the torque it made . The heavy ass 69 Plymouth .It hooked real hard and warped the car.Doors wouldn’t shut . panels would not line up . These intakes were and are the Shit. So to the pour Chevy boy ,Sorry all you have to talk about in 1960 is a 327 fuely . Your bad ass big block was years away ,Mopars Rule

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