Wild In-Cockpit Funny Car Crash Video – Two Floppers Tangle At The Top End

Wild In-Cockpit Funny Car Crash Video – Two Floppers Tangle At The Top End

See that funny car way up on two wheels there in the lead photo? This isn’t a clip from the new Mad Max movie, this is in-cockpit video of a funny car crash involving two nostalgia alcohol burning nostalgia machines racing up in Canada. The Wild West Plymouth Arrow gets crossed up and heads into the lane of his competitor who is driving a beautiful Cuda bodied flopper that wears a factory style paint job complete with the billboard stripes and all. We’re riding in the Wild West car for this lap and it is a rare glimpse into what a funny car crash is from the driver’s perspective.

Early on in the run the Wild West car is upset and the driver is really having to hang onto the thing to keep it in his lane. Finally the car decides that it is going to head for the left and despite the pilot’s best efforts, full right rudder and all, it crosses the centerline and manages to throw the ‘Cuda a high speed hip check that throws the blue car completely into the air. It is amazing that the Cuda landed on its wheels after seeing how out of sorts it was while careening through the air. It was well on the way to a full-on barrel roll before the zoomies hit the pavement, began to throw sparks and perhaps acted in a way to for the car back down on the rubber side. We have to imagine the damage on the blue was was pretty nasty. Bent chassis?

Meanwhile, things are not good in Wild West world. With the car completely out of control and the wall looming large, there was little to nothing that the driver could do to save it. The guy drove it right to the end and you’ll get to see what that looks like in all the screwed up body, flopping limbs, flying RacePak parts, and shrapnel filled glory. The Wild West car nearly turns over at one point but stays sticky side down. Crazy stuff and both guys apparently walked away.


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  1. Jo-Ann Cloutier

    The 71 Cuda (The Bulldogger) is being repaired and will see you in Bakersfield in October for The Hot Rod Reunion.

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