Day of Wagon Infamy eBay Find: This 1957 Chevy Shorty Wagon Is Done Right But So Wrong

Day of Wagon Infamy eBay Find: This 1957 Chevy Shorty Wagon Is Done Right But So Wrong

First the Caprice and now this 1957 Chevy Shorty Wagon. This truly is the day of wagon infamy on BangShift. After a weeks long hot streak of coolness we run the ship around on these two pieces. Look, this shorty wagon appears to have been built professionally, painted professionally, and all of that but as I have proclaimed about 34,754 times here on the website, I just cannot get past the way this looks! It is utterly ridiculous and I really don’t understand how someone sees this and wants to spend more than $23,000 on it. Maybe my thoughts are being validated because no one has spent that yet.

The seller says that this car was built from a few others. We’re guessing those were either wrecks or cars that were severely rotted in the right places to justify cutting them up and sticking them back together in a fashion to make them look like they belong in a Roger Rabbit film.

Hey, it’s got a four bolt main 350 in it though! Four bolt mains, baby. Could even be an 010 block. Camel hump heads and a 3/4 race cam? We’re not sure about all that  but the seller claims it feels like it could jerk the wheels off the ground when you mash the gas.

I’m just going to stop now.

eBay Link: 1957 Chevy Shorty Wagon – Click the link to see the more

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14 thoughts on “Day of Wagon Infamy eBay Find: This 1957 Chevy Shorty Wagon Is Done Right But So Wrong

  1. 4 nomor

    Was this some sort of “craze” at one time because I’ve seen more than my share of “shorty” cars out there….Not one has looked good to me…… Kill it with fire!!

  2. Gary Smrtic

    Well, seeing less of any tri five Chevy is better than having to look at the entire thing, I suppose…

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yes – another pile of shit Chevy!

    What is it with these slobbering mouth breathing Chevy lovers? They actually spend money to make their cars look worse than they came out of the factory and then expect to sell their abortions for a profit.

    Not that I could give a rat’s ass….

  4. wayne

    I actually see a decent parts car. The whole front end looks good to go, the rear tailgate and window look good and the rear bumper and trim are good. Not sure about the doors thouugh, don’t look quite right.

  5. C.M. Bendig

    Unlike the Caprice Estate this one has parts that can be saved. People need to stop chopping cars like this. Shorty cars look like projects by mental midgets. Oh no I just insulted people that hate Chevy’s.

  6. @%!$!!!&[email protected]$!% K-CAR

    Thank you for destroying yet another Tri-Five Chevrolet.
    It saddens me to no end.

    Take all that work that went into DESTROYing this classic and unshrink it!

    Too late!

    Be a doofus with 1980s K-Car platforms,clownies !!!!!


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