Low Key Cool: This 1966 Buick LeSabre Sport Coupe Isn’t Fancy But It Sure is Awesome

Low Key Cool: This 1966 Buick LeSabre Sport Coupe Isn’t Fancy But It Sure is Awesome

It’s not that often anymore that we see a car that stops us and makes us go….damn. Not in the way a million dollar build or a Ridler award contender does but rather in the way a simple, well executed, somewhat unique ride can do. This 1966 Buick LeSabre Sport Coupe did it to us and we cannot stop staring at it. The car is factory stock outside of the wheels, steering wheel, and well, that’s it. Buick claims to have made 13,800 of these 3,751-lb machines. The car has a three speed automatic and a Buick 340 engine. One minor mystery is knowing whether it has the lower compression 220hp version or the optional higher compression 260hp version.

As the seller notes in his ad, this thing is the cure for the common Impala. They sold something like 650,000 Impalas that year and even the big Pontiacs were larger sellers. There’s very little we’d change about this car outwardly. The wheels are older but they seem to fit this car perfectly. We’d probably swap a stock style steering wheel back onto it and yes, we’d 100% hunt around for a 425 to put in it and then likely plug a stick behind it. Not to make the car some sort of a drag racer, but just to have the big cubic inch hair on its chest.

The seller is looking for a little more than $20,000 here and for the quality of car it seems to be, we’re thinking that’s good money. What say you?

eBay: This 1966 LeSabre sport coupe is rare, cool, and smooth cruiser perfection 

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6 thoughts on “Low Key Cool: This 1966 Buick LeSabre Sport Coupe Isn’t Fancy But It Sure is Awesome

  1. Just Gary

    Beautiful car.
    If it were mine, I *might* lower it an inch or two, but otherwise it’s perfect as-is.

  2. drivindadsdodge

    gotta love mid 60’s Buicks.. mile wide .. 3 miles long …

    bag it …add a set of American Racing Bonneville wheels

    put the stock steering wheel back on it …

    Sniper Fuel Injection and Ignition

    drive the Snot out of it


    Couldn’t agree more with the simple elegance and cool in the car as it sits. Upgrade the brakes to a ’67 dual circuit master and perfect the panel gaps and this thing is ready to cruise near and far.

    Adding a 425 might be harder than you’d think as the Nailhead cars had a longer nose (Wildcat, Electra, and LeSabre Wagon) and the frames require different oil pans. A 455 would probably be easier though I’d go for a Buick 350, either in stocker or a low deck stroker built on a 300 block with the 340 crank. Put a TH200-4R behind it though you can get a 3 pedal for this body I think till ’67 when they the stick as an option, pretty rare though.

  4. Jay Bree

    Thankfully a full sized car not made into the tiresome (and ugly) lowrider with rubber band tires and huge rims.

    It’s a really nice classic take on a car that’s not seen every day. I’d drive that one with pride .

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