Last Of The Barges: This 1977 Olds Toronado Is An Amazing Example Of GM’s Last Gasp Of Largess

Last Of The Barges: This 1977 Olds Toronado Is An Amazing Example Of GM’s Last Gasp Of Largess

We all know what happened at GM for the 1977 model year. The cars all got smaller. They got lighter, more efficient, the lines got more taught, the company was adjusting its lineup to meet the demands of consumers who wanted more fuel economy, less girth, and better performance. Well, not ALL the cars got smaller. See, in 1977 the E-Body platform was the last to keep its massive size for one more go ’round. The E-bodies were the huge front wheel drivers. Most well known was the Cadillac Eldorado but this Olds was basically an Eldorado on a slightly tighter budget. Packing a 403 instead of the 455 which was offered up until 1976, the big V8 is mounted sideways and the legendary TH425 automatic transmission is the unit that sends the power to the front wheels.

Frankly, we didn’t really even know that these cars existed. We should have as Olds sold more than 30,000 of the suckers during this last gasp of humongo luxury. Rolling down the road on the 122-inch wheelbase and sitting on the couch-like front seat must have been just the ticket for old school buyers who wanted the most modernized massive car the company made. For 1978 the cars were unchanged, still. It was in 1979 when the shrunken version of the E-body arrived. Gone was the 403 and in went a 350 engine. There was also a diesel offered that year. A notable disaster of an experience that some 8,000 people participated in.

Longer than a Buick Electra 225 and weighing in at 4,700lbs, these things really must have been a sight to behold back then.

This car is in wonderful shape although someone is going to have to get their hands dirty to get the weeping, leaking underside handled. Hey, the good news is that it will never rust.

We’re not sure what the market is for these cars but this one seems to be about as nice as anyone would ever find and it is listed for $14,500. Is that steep? We’re not sure. We just know you can’t put a proper price on this type of 1970s swank and luxury!

eBay: This 1977 Olds Toronado is a perfectly preserved late 1970s time capsule 

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7 thoughts on “Last Of The Barges: This 1977 Olds Toronado Is An Amazing Example Of GM’s Last Gasp Of Largess

  1. Bill Scheuring

    I had one of these back in the day as a daily driver and it was a sweet ride. Oh, the engine was not mounted sideways, at least not in mine!

  2. Anthony

    My Uncle had one. One big car. They drive beautiful. Too bad gas is so much these days or it would be great to have as a daily driver.

  3. Dave

    Hrmm, engine mounted sideways…nope. Traditional longitudinal mount motor and trans, the TH 425 was the interesting part, pretty much a split in two chain drive 400 with the output shaft pointed forward and the output case bolted right to the diff center carrier.

    1. Edward M Pate

      I caught that right away too. Amazing how many folks think they were transverse mounted.

  4. Oldie

    Why the HUBCAPS?? Couldn’t they do some spokes? Don’t say because it has FWD, cuz they fit on FWD ! Cool car otherwise.

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