Two Minutes of Cringe: This 1980s Thank You Video From Pontiac Fiero Plant Is Hilariously Weird

Two Minutes of Cringe: This 1980s Thank You Video From Pontiac Fiero Plant Is Hilariously Weird

We know their heart was in the right place. We know the intention of this video was to thank and encourage a specific Pontiac dealer to keep pressing Fiero sales. We understand that these people are not actors and some of them seem openly unwilling to be involved but this is the most cringe-worthy video we have seen in some time. It’s hilarious in the level of uncomfortable displayed in almost every aspect of its creation. Ok, so what the hell is it?

Ocean Pontiac in Danvers, Massachusetts (which is near New Hampshire!) was one of the if not the single volume leader in Pontiac Fiero sales in the country when this video was made. The idea that someone had was obviously to thank and encourage the success of that dealer by providing them a video showing all of the people who were making a living on the success of this car at their particular plant. GM being a massive company had the resources to make it all happen and it seems like they did…as quickly as possible.

When we originally clicked on the link to check this video out, we were expecting to see cars getting built, not oddly executed thumbs-up moves, group thank yours about as coordinated as an Iranian anti-aircraft battery, and camera work straight out of 8th grade.

It’s just so bad that it’s good.

Press play below to see this weird and well-intentioned thank you video –

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9 thoughts on “Two Minutes of Cringe: This 1980s Thank You Video From Pontiac Fiero Plant Is Hilariously Weird

  1. Danno

    Reminds me of commercials made by local businesses. Years ago we had a car local dealer who’s motto was “I will stand on my head to make you a deal”. And then he would.

  2. James A Musco

    Good car, I have an 1987 gt in my garage right now. 75,000 miles in mint condition. The fiero received a bad rap for fires the first year. It\’s an old car and it must be maintained to stay that way. I have had this car for 10 years this January , purchased from eBay.

    1. Jeremiah McKenna

      The way I remember it, it wasn’t so much the first year cars that were catching on fire, it was more like ALL models that would get too hot, and have oil leaks as well as poor radiator cooling in that little engine compartment.
      The reason I say all, is because that is how many GM Recalled. Yes, all 244,000 of them, ever produced.

  3. Chuck

    Bought my first Fiero GT new, in 1987. Last year, I bought my 2nd- an \’86 GT. Loved them both, even if 1st gear is a bit hard to find on the \’86. lol

  4. Early

    Can you not tell us what is in the video prior to viewing?? Sounds like click bait…some of us do not like being baited into YouTube videos..waste of time. Learn to write an article.

  5. Jscott1000

    This was made while the last year (1988) was still in production. Sure the production values are horrible but any video from inside the plant are like gold.

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