This 1994 Twin Turbo Supra Is As Unicorn As It Gets – 100% Factory Stock and Less Than 30,000 Miles?!

This 1994 Twin Turbo Supra Is As Unicorn As It Gets – 100% Factory Stock and Less Than 30,000 Miles?!

So this is something else. For your youngins out there, in the mid to late 1990s Toyota sold a legitimate muscle car that was rear wheel drive, had a stick, and could really wallop guys in Mustangs and Camaros of the era. We’re not kidding. The 1994-1998 Toyota Supra was a pretty nasty piece. With a twin turbocharged 2JZ inline six, about 12psi of factory boost and a six speed transmissions, this 320hp car was nothing to trifle with. Seeing as NONE of the factory Camaros and Mustangs of the era made this much power out of the box you can understand why we were kind of awed by these things when we saw them. Additionally they were really expensive for the time, like $40,000 and Toyota only sold less than 9,000 of them before they ended production in 1998.

What makes this car truly amazing is the fact that it is completely stock. It has not been tuned on, messed with, or even modified in the slightest of ways. The interior is perfection, it looks like it was build yesterday. Very few of those 8600 cars that Toyota made are unmodified. They were drag raced and street raced and autocrossed and pounded into dust. Those 2JZ engines, which are marvels of engineering in their own right were boosted to death, tuned to early demises, and youthful owners lived with their feet glued to the carpet.

The cars have long since passed their “value lull” which was certainly not on the order of what happens to couple generations old Corvettes. There was a brief time where these cars dipped but stock examples and even those that are only mildly modified are seeking huge money from potential buyers. This car is listed for $90,000 which we think is insane but it is an example of what we’re talking about. Other than one in a museum or some rich dude’s collection with the plastic still on the seats we’re guessing there are few nicer fourth generation Supras than this one.

As a kid working at the Shell gas station in high school we’d have a guy come in every Friday night in a brand new 1998 Supra, have us fill it with good gas and he’d leave with the tires smoking, the 2JZ screaming, and his girlfriend holding on for dear life. Those types of things make an impression on you as an 18-year old kid and as you can probably tell by reading this rant, it sure did for me.

Link: The Listing For This 1994 Twin Turbo Supra – factory stock?!

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4 thoughts on “This 1994 Twin Turbo Supra Is As Unicorn As It Gets – 100% Factory Stock and Less Than 30,000 Miles?!

  1. pj

    A Toyota dealer in Calgary Alberta has a as delivered, non-pdi turbo supra with a few hundred kms on it. Still has the plastic wrap on the paint and seats. Pretty incredible to see.

  2. Brendan M

    Being in the automotive wholesale industry, I’ve seen lots of these “low mileage survivor cars”. 9 times out of 10, they were cars that were wrecked so severely, the dealer, or owner had no choice but to sit on them until they could find another wreck to make a “clip car” out of them. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting buyer, when you go to register the car with mismatched vin numbers, some if not most DMV’s will impound, and sometimes crush these. As they are viewed to be structurally unsafe.

    Not saying this is the case with this car, but very common in my line of work.

  3. Rick

    90K??? Crack smoking monkeys… 90K could get you a NEW Corvette, or a GT350R. Both of which have better performance.

    There must be some good drugs at that dealership.

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