2018 October Pomona Swap Meet: Our Last Gathering Of Cool, Weird, and Neat Cars For Sale

2018 October Pomona Swap Meet: Our Last Gathering Of Cool, Weird, and Neat Cars For Sale

(Photos by Wes Allison) – At the end of the day all of us who love cars and trucks have a few things in common. We are attracted to the stuff we like for reasons of emotion, style, horsepower, or image. We chase the stuff we like because the thrill is in the hunt and actually finding the right thing to add to your collection or resume. Swap meets play right into our wheelhouses in this way. The event itself is a reason to have a mini-adventure. A place filled with promise and potential automotive fulfillment.

These photos are all cars and trucks that would make a good home with the right owner. Hopefully lots of them found a new place to live and someone who would take them out and about as often as possible. The Pomona Swap Meet is definitely one of those things that anyone who loves cars and trucks needs to experience at least once.

Click the images below to expand them and then scroll on to see them all –

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4 thoughts on “2018 October Pomona Swap Meet: Our Last Gathering Of Cool, Weird, and Neat Cars For Sale

  1. Piston Pete

    I’ve been looking at these Pomona Swap Meet photos as long as BangShift has been posting them and I’ve got some questions. Now I’m just a poor old country boy, ain’t never been to town, so the idea of all these cool rides, the cash required to purchase them and the paperwork involved simply blows my mind. How does this work? 1st, are these cars actually priced to sell in this environment? 2nd, does anyone actually buy/sell these cars right on the spot?, I mean like here’s the cash, here’s the title, drive away buy/sell, or is it a plant a seed, harvest the crop later type deal 3rd, do people actually carry thousands of dollars cash around SoCal to make these transactions and can the paperwork be as simple as here’s the cash gimme the squared away paperwork? I know this is kinda rambling and I don’t do forums so could someone familiar with the PSM take the time to explain to me how it really works? I’d sure appreciate it, the whole concept messes with an already addled mind. Plus, I might wanna get involved.Thanks.

    1. jerry z

      Pete, you read my mind, cause I was going to ask the same question. I live in NC but cars still tend to rust here, just not as bad as the northeast.

    2. Johnny Prestone

      I’ve gone to more than a few swap meets on the east coast with close to 20K in my pocket ready to buy a vehicle. So it definitely happens.

  2. Scott Liggett

    As someone who used to go to Pomona’s Swap Meet for 15 years, I can tell you that there are people who do go to these swap meets with a ton of cash on them. There are plenty of police there to prevent most problems. But, expecting people to give you $50k in cash for some of these cash is not really what happens. But, a serious amount of down payment with a deal based on wire transfer of the balance often happens. The car owner and price will play into the deal making to selling and buying.

    When they say that Pomona is world famous, that is not the slightest overstatement. People literally come from world wide to shop for cars and parts at Pomona.

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