2019 Kneeland Concours Photo Coverage: The Best Of The Rest And Some Highly BangShift Approved Stuff!

2019 Kneeland Concours Photo Coverage: The Best Of The Rest And Some Highly BangShift Approved Stuff!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – This is the catch all group of mostly foreign vehicles that I didn’t have room for in the other groups.  There weren’t many motorcycles in attendance, but when you have vintage BSA, Triumph, Vespa, and Honda two-wheelers present that isn’t a big deal.

The Concours isn’t closed off to spectator/non-judged rides.  Though not parked in the judging areas, folks can pay to enter (remember, it’s a fundraiser for the Children’s Hospital) and park in multiple designated areas on the lawn.  Similar makes and models often congregate together and a few even have spectator choice voting amongst their group.  Seems like a worthy cause and parking on the lawn in this setting is pretty cool.  One of my weirder finds of the day was this decent Taurus SHO.  Though not perfect the price seemed more than reasonable for a running, driving, and complete example.  It might even be cheap enough to pick up as a fun daily-driver or spare.

Few see Chrysler Conquests or Mitsubishi Starions with regularity.  It was positioned near two generations of examples that Toyota used to be able to build fun cars in-house.  Right-hand drive versions make it just a little bit more interesting.  The LS-swap in the RX7 is much approved.  They fill that engine compartment very well.  Contrasting these is the BMW Isetta.  I recently read up on these and learned the company that made them actually built refrigerators among other things.  That front entry door…is actually set up just like one for a refrigerator.  The last image was of a vehicle I hadn’t seen in years – a supercharged 1st-gen Toyota MR2 (again reminding us that Toyota at one time could make its own fun cars).  These little rockets were once considered the quickest accelerating production vehicle in the world from zero to thirty miles-per-hour.  Tiny cars.

Come back for more Keeneland Concours.

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