This 428 Powered 1966 Mercury Monterey Could Be The Best Deal On The Interwebs Today

This 428 Powered 1966 Mercury Monterey Could Be The Best Deal On The Interwebs Today

Intrepid BangShifter Matt Cramer sent us the link to this 1966 Mercury Monterey which is for sale in Georgia. For a shade more than $3,000 you are getting a factory 428 car with (from what we can see) limited body rot, factory air conditioning and did we mention a 428?! The seller claims that the car will need a new fuel tank and a new trunk floor. That does make us a little antsy with respect to the condition of the rest of the metal under the thing but it does have fresh brakes…and a 428.

There’s something about the big coupes of the 1960s that will never get old in our eyes. Perhaps it is the aircraft carrier sized nose and tail areas of the car, the roomy interiors, or the fact that this was “normal” when today’s world is filled with ever shrinking blobs of amorphous transportation pods.

Dig the rear roofline of this car. Instead of being a normal slanted design that meets up with the trunk, it actually has some curvature. You have to look at it to see it but we’re guessing that this may have been a little better aero-wise for the NASCAR teams of the era?

Painting this car would be tragic. Simply getting the sheetmetal work handled, maybe pulling the 428 for a refresh and some period speed parts would be cool but messing with an otherwise perfect look would pain us to no end. Just over $3,000? It seems like this guy is actually in touch with the car’s value and we’re guessing he’ll get his door beaten down for a sale. Most of these we have ever seen have been 390 cars. Yes, the 428 was offered with a four speed, but this one is an automatic. Like everything else, that can be fixed, too.

We’re in love.

Link: This 428 powered 1966 Mercury Monterey is awesome and cheap 

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5 thoughts on “This 428 Powered 1966 Mercury Monterey Could Be The Best Deal On The Interwebs Today

  1. chevy hatin' mad geordie

    Bring it to the UK, make a race car out of it and run it in the St.Mary’s Trophy race at the Goodwood Revival. Then watch Tom Kristensen come from the back of the grid to victory as he did with that awesome Thunderbolt a couple of years ago!

  2. Weasel1

    I have always loved this body style. With 4 projects in the works and another lurking on the horizon, I will have to pass. This is a good price even if the whole underside needs replaced. as long as it has a c 6 and not the terrible merc o matic it is well worth the money


    If it were within 1000 mile of here I’d be on it like white on rice, like flies on $h!t, like a fat kid on a ham sammich….man is that a sexy beast. I don’t think I would change anything. Pull the engine and do some inside stuff but keep her looking used and abused, headers and some twice pipes…no prettying up, just a sponge bath. Damn, why can’t I find a deal like this around here. Why? You’re a cruel man, Lohnes…cruel!

  4. Blu67RS

    A neighbor had an new one, black with painted white top. I know it was at least a 390 if not a 428. Which ever, that thing had a sound when it went past our house that you always remember…..

  5. jerry z

    My brother lives less than 2 hrs away. Can I convince him to look? Mmmm…

    Only change would be converting it to 6 spd MANUAL!

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