The $95,000 Third Generation Firebird – Very Rare 1992 Firehawk, Total Documentation, Worth It?

The $95,000 Third Generation Firebird – Very Rare 1992 Firehawk, Total Documentation, Worth It?

John Ulaszek from BangShift sponsor II Much Fabrication (visit them by clicking HERE) dropped us a line expressing his love for this absolutely perfect 1992 Pontiac Firebird Firehawk. The car is one of just 25 built by SLP Performance that year and it is the most documented, researched, and probably lowest mileage example in existence. Hell, a guy from the Pontiac historical society actually owned it at one point. With less than 3,000 miles on it, the motor is barely broken in and every visible surface in the photos looks like it was rolling out of the factory yesterday. Of course, all of this means that the car is worth some scratch, but $95,000? That is for the market to decide we guess.

I was 12 when this car came out and I can remember reading magazine write ups about it and hearing that it had a special engine in it that made like 350hp and that it was mean enough to destroy Corvettes of the time, etc. All of that is true of course. The car was bought as a factory 350/automatic/1LE/WS6/W66 car and then shipped to SLP in New Jersey where they would further enhance the suspension system and then pull the motor out and replace it with a 4-bolt main block based engine with better heads, cam, pistons, etc than stock. The topper, now as it was then was the famous T-ram intake manifold that everyone and their sister wanted in the 1990s. That thing was sweet then and it is sweet now. The result was a stout 350hp engine and a fearsome street car for the day when the hairiest Camaro and ‘Bird were making 230hp. A ZF six speed stick was swapped in, the rear end was a Dana 44 packed with 3.54 gears, and the wheels are the famous Ronal wheels that were painted body color in the openings. The price was $19,000 on top of a car you just bought for $20,000, hence the reason there are not a lot of them around.

The documentation on this car is insane. As we said earlier, having been formerly owned by a guy from Pontiac Historical Services, what do you expect. From letters between SLP and the buyer on production delays to every single shred of paper on the car ever produced, there are FAA crash investigations that have less documentation involved than this car does. Jeez.

So now that you have the story of this car in a nutshell, check out the photos and then hit the link at the bottom of the page to see more photos and info. Then we want to know if the car is worth the money. Is there really a third-gen Firebird worth $95,000?

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20 thoughts on “The $95,000 Third Generation Firebird – Very Rare 1992 Firehawk, Total Documentation, Worth It?

  1. Lee

    Rare does not always equal valuable. IMO – $95k is WAY too much for the car. It’s a fancy 1992 Firebird for chripes sake!

  2. Bob

    Maybe someday but I don’t think it is worth that much yet. It’s not even a Trans Am. It’s also very plain looking.

  3. Dave Gray

    I actually owed one of these ’92 Firehawks at one time. They are truly a blast to drive. Lots of power, great handling and BIG Brembo brakes. The shame of it is most of them are in private collections are rarely driven. I drove the wheels off mine. Is it worth it??? Maybe, if your uber-rich and are looking for another ultra-rare car to add to your collection. For the average car guy – there are better ways to spend the dough…

  4. Scott Liggett

    When you can buy a very nice ’92 Firebird for $5,000 and then spend $40,000 making a car that will out run, stop and corner that by a ton and still have $50,000 in pocket, what’s the point?

  5. BobMan

    The real crime is that a car like this only has 2,800 miles!!! This thing should have had the wheels wore off of it. Garage Queens are an absolute waste.

    Like dating Kate Upton and saving “it” for after you’re married. Her best years are right now!

    1. Lee

      And I guess neither do you. That link is to a totally different car and it’s STLL $35,000 less than what is being asked for the Firehawk

      1. TTOP350

        Yes, I do, and quite well, had #13 in my garage for awhile. I was showing that even a lower model 3rdgen with the right performance options can be worth quite a chunk these days.

        The Firehawk started life as a 1LE Formula 350. (except the Trans Am vert and a couple that were pulled off dealer lots) So the 1LE car I linked to has some real relevance to #11s value.

        The last “base” Hawk sold for 75k. This car(#11) has some comp package parts but isn’t a full comp package car. That and the fact that Jim Mattison (Pontiac historical services) owned it new means it should/could bring more.

  6. Sean Walsh

    It is a 22 year old car, even though they didn’t produce many of them, it is still too early to call it a rare, or an old, collectable. Re-post this ad in 2042 when the car 50 years old, then you will see the Pontiac fanatics come out and pay 95K, or perhaps more. In my opinion, the gentleman selling the car is trying to set the standard price for these vehicles. If someone buys it for 95K, then expect to pay around that price for these cars. If it doesn’t sell for 95K, then the question will remain, “How much is it worth?” I own a 1994 Firehawk (SLP #64), and I think I can guarantee a sale price of $9,500.00. Maybe the gentleman selling the car misplaced the decimal point? Good Luck, I hope it sells for a good price!

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