A Homemade Shifter Kart And A Guy With The Guts To Wind It Out

A Homemade Shifter Kart And A Guy With The Guts To Wind It Out

There are few things more joyful than hopping on a go kart and having some fun. Both my sons have them and we have a riot with ’em at the house and when we sneak them off into a parking lot or an open off-road area. In this video we see a 125cc version, a homemade shifter kart absolutely hauling ass on some country roads around the owners’ home. We take the ride in the seat with the driver. The dude must have had a GoPro on his head. This is good because we get the full sensation of speed when he takes this sucker and runs it seemingly as fast as it will go, which looks plenty damned fast to us!

The power plant and transmission come from a Suzuki RM125 dirt bike. The thing is rigged up to a hand shifter which  is why we think is qualifies for Parting Shift glory. An RM125 dirt bike will go somewhere around 70-80mph at full song. We’re not sure if this kart was going that fast but it sure seemed fast enough to see Jesus, Buddha, and whoever else you may be praying to if things went wrong.

Lastly, this is country living at its finest. The dude is able to rock and roll while not having to dodge traffic, cops, and anything else other than his shop dog. Looks dreamy to us. Only one question remains. When do you think he puts nitrous on it?

Press play below to see this 125cc homemade shifter kart attack country roads –

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2 thoughts on “A Homemade Shifter Kart And A Guy With The Guts To Wind It Out

  1. john

    Assuming he has his Go Pro on a helmet not bolted to his head…wear gloves idiot…skin leaves fast when you turn over at speed. Maybe find tires that will hold up at the speeds your travelling, they look like they came off a “Barbie Jeep”???

  2. BobMan

    It’s so sad that Darrel was killed at such a young age. How did it happen?

    “He hit a raccon while riding his go-cart!”


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