Abondoned Race Track Project: Awesome, Or Awful? The Sketchiest Big Rig Trailer Haul Out Ever

Abondoned Race Track Project: Awesome, Or Awful? The Sketchiest Big Rig Trailer Haul Out Ever

Here’s our latest installment on the abandoned racetrack revival. There is more to it than mowing and then racing, as you’ll see in these two videos. But, they are making serious headway AND there are a few suprises. Plus, what is one of the sketchier big rig trailer moves we’ve ever seen. LOL Check it out, you’ll laugh. And you’ll be happy you were nowhere near this thing going down the road.

We’ve all heard stories about people buying race tracks of all kinds, some still up and running, others on the verge of collapse, and others that have shut down and need serious help to come back to life. The latter is what you saw when Cleetus and crew bought the Freedom Factory. But this one here is different. This one is a little track, shut down years ago, that has been sitting and becoming overgrown. The property has some surprises, both good and bad, but it was cheap enough that this guy decided to buy it in order to provide a place to race in their area. And this is where the story gets good. There is much more here than meets the eye.

The local racing scene has had issues with places to race, especially for autocross, drifting, gymkhana, etc, and so he thought this might be the spot to bring back to life. But, he bought it knowing that none of that might work. He might not be able to make it some public race spot, and he’s okay with that. Why? Because he’s out in an area with no worries from neighbors and he is fully satisfied if this just becomes a place for him and his friends to have fun racing their own cars. If it never opens to the public, that’s okay! Of course he’d like to have it be open to more folks, but is willing to take baby steps.

Check out these first two videos and know that we’ll be bringing you more as the project evolves. This is NOT a jillion-dollar endeavor like the Freedom Factory. There will not be paving companies coming in and lighting companies and all that. This is going to be a much smaller and more low-buck operation that we can’t wait to watch happen. It’s going to be all about manual labor to get things ready for some fun, but there is some fun happening in the second video below for sure!

This is the former home of Copper Creek Motorsports Park, as well as the former home to the “Apollo” 1/8 Mile Drag Strip which is long gone. The drag strip was operated in the mid ’70’s for a couple of years before going to waste.

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  1. Mike B Britton

    How about an informal motocross/scrambles track?
    Maybe scrape it off and have an informal flat track?

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