America’s Most Insanely Clean 1980 Chevy Citation Is Up For Auction In South Dakota – Bidding At $180

America’s Most Insanely Clean 1980 Chevy Citation Is Up For Auction In South Dakota – Bidding At $180

We have to thank BangShifter Ryan Roossnick for the tip off on what has to be one of the zaniest auction items we have seen in years. It is one of those weird zombie cars from the past that should be all rotted and jacked up but instead it looks like someone delivered it out the back of a time machine from the factory when it was built. This 1980 Chevy Citation is serial killer apartment clean. Like, no evidence of any malfeasance whatsoever. It has less than 19,000 miles, it has an automatic transmission, a perfect freaking interior, and 90hp of 2.5L four cylinder engine under the hood.

The two tone taupe and salmon(wish) paint scheme is kind of weird, the fact that the color tan is kind of radiating off the car is unique, and I’m pretty sure if my late grandmother, who was a Citation owner saw this thing she would be trying to snipe it at the end.

The bidding on this car is not hot. It’s about as hot as absolute zero Kelvin, which is a temperature approximately 50 miles lower than whale poop. Right now you need to bid $180 to assume the lead on buying this automobile. Some would say that’s a bad idea. I’d call them names and then slowly drive away with 90 pinging horsepower under my right foot.

Whoever owned this car in South Dakota must have a story to tell because you’ve got about 40 years of car here, less than 20,000 miles, and no sign that anyone has ever sat in the thing. Amazing.

Bid now, bid low: Buy America’s cleanest 1980 Chevy Citation for cheap

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20 thoughts on “America’s Most Insanely Clean 1980 Chevy Citation Is Up For Auction In South Dakota – Bidding At $180

  1. paul

    I don’t know about the Citation but, I would go for the 68 Impala and the 70 Ford pickup at those prices.

    1. Singapore Hot Rod

      Oh my! This brings back memories of almost every beater car I ever owned. My dad had a knack for finding these cheap GM products with almost no miles on them.

      If I was back in the States I’d think hard about buying that thing!

  2. Henrik

    Just to bad its a piece of crap. no car entusiast with half a brain would drag that shitcan home. I bet someone Got so disapointed driving it that it just Got pushed in a corner to die.

    1. Kevin

      I had a 1980 2 door. The car ran great until about 130,000 then the trans started giving problems. The 2.8 in it had a “2 barrel ” carb that was basically a quadrajet cut in half using 1 primary and 1 secondary barrel.

  3. Skeptical

    I’d drive it. Throw some tires on it and freshen up the brake system. Be ready to fix the inevitable oil leaks from being that old and not driven.

  4. Matt Cramer

    My wife’s family had one growing up… I was almost tempted to bid and surprise her with this. But on looking at that car, it doesn’t look like a zombie, a corpse that can still move even if clearly dead and rotten. We’re dealing with a vampire here – who knows what unholy means it uses to maintain an illusion of being forever young? Probably drinks the motor oil of one-owner BMWs…

  5. David

    Someone will buy this and put it away! And wait another 20 years, then sent it, to the Barrett Jackson.

  6. RK - no relation

    Kind of the future and the past all together in one Chevy – beginnings of front wheel drive and near the end of the front bench seat.

    Remember this?

    “Okay, everybody slide forward!”

    That steering wheel, that colour of interior plastic and seat fabric reminds me of almost all Chevys of that time period, Novas, Malibus, so not all bad memories!

  7. Danno

    I can’t believe anyone would seriously consider buying this heaping pile. I don’t care how clean and low miles it is. A turd is a turd.

  8. Derrell

    $3,800.00 ???? Someone has too much money IMO. I remember selling some of those in the mid eighties. Had to watch for rusted floors, steering racks were always bad, 2.8 6’s not the best engines at first, and it goes on.

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