Auto-X by NCM Gallery: $50 To Come Out And Play All Day!

Auto-X by NCM Gallery: $50 To Come Out And Play All Day!

There was nothing special about Saturday at NCM Motorsports Park. There was no points race, no championship series event. There was no cheap-car thrashing to be had, and there wasn’t a show. There wasn’t even a crowd of joggers and bicyclists on hand…that’s every Tuesday until the colder parts of Fall. The Kartplex was open and if you were so inclined, you could take on NCM’s go-kart track, but we weren’t there for the karting. Instead, we stopped by to see just what kind of crowd would show up for the Auto-X by NCM event. The premise is simple: directly from the track itself, the program is simply an autocross for those who want seat time. There are no classes, there is no cone-shagging, there isn’t a trophy to win and there isn’t any BS going on. Just bring your car, line up, make your runs and do what you need to do while you are out on the course. It doesn’t matter if you are breaking in a new build, giving yourself an early-season refresher behind the wheel or you’re out to dial in that last tenth of a percent before you go play for some real prizes. As long as you had a safe car and were ready to let it flex in the cones, you were welcome to try your luck.

Lots of faces and cars that were familiar to BangShift were in attendance. Keith Jessee and his “Hood Rat Hot Rod” Malibu were out, shaking out some suspension quirks. MCR Tuning, the folks that brought you the infamous LS-swapped Ferrari 550 Maranello, were out shaking down a late-model Camaro ZL1 that kept dancing on the decibel meter’s thin line of patience. RideTech rolled in with the 48 Hour Camaro for some lapping and there were numerous vehicles that we’ve seen running at LS Fest or Optima events. Then there were the cars that we hadn’t seen, like Cory Browning’s Monte Carlo SS and the Gotta Have It Green S197 Mustang with the V6 that was tearing the course a brand new one every time it came out. For a no-prize shakedown run day, there was quite a bit of action on hand, and there are more dates on the calendar, which you can check out by CLICKING HERE.

Be sure to click on a photo below and check out some of the rides that came out to play at NCM Motorsports Park!

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