Awesome Corvette! This 1969 Big Block, 4-speed Street Freak Was Built IN 1976

Awesome Corvette! This 1969 Big Block, 4-speed Street Freak Was Built IN 1976

Well this thing is just beyond words, isn’t it? For some of you that means it is beyond words to describe how much you hate it. For us it is beyond words to share how much we’re in love! Cars like this 1969 big block four speed Corvette appear in old photos and stuff with some frequency but even if the car itself has survived the paint and the coolness of the whole thing is usually in bad shape. Not here! This car has been amazingly well maintained and it looks about as good as the day it was painted in 1976.

The seller claims that the previous owner told him that the engine made 500hp and that’s not too crazy in today’s world and there’s not really enough listed to test the accuracy of that claim. That being said, it is a big block Corvette. 400hp or 500hp who really cares? The car will sound awesome and it will put a smile on your face.

The paint and the nose on the car are just awesome. The nose reminds us of a Motion Corvette nose but the recessed headlights and stuff are throwing us off. Can anyone out there identify what the brand of the nose is?

The only thing bad about the car is the steering wheel and that can be ditched in all of 30 seconds.

Love it or hate it, everyone will have an opinion on this sucker.

In case the car sells we’re running the whole ad right here. This is an awesome Corvette!

Kustom built back in the 70s, total period correct street freak. Factory 427/4sp, pervious owner claimed 500+hp. Full on custom one off body with side and hood vents, tilt nose, rare concaved Cibie headlights, painted back in 76 for the 1976 bicentennial, Lake pipes, period correct Cragar 5 spoke 15×8 and 15×10 with mint condition Mickey Thompson Indy profile tires, great interior, T-tops, new front rotor and calipers. Very cool time piece.

Click here to see this awesome Corvette – A big block 1970s built street freak

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12 thoughts on “Awesome Corvette! This 1969 Big Block, 4-speed Street Freak Was Built IN 1976

  1. Riff Raff

    Hold on to your hat. Orig custom cars like this are going to be the next “big thing”. Can’t fathom the work involved in building this one!

  2. jerry z

    I agree about changing the steering wheel! Replace the bias tires with some Radial T/A’s and enjoy the 70’s! If it is a factory BB car, buy it!

  3. Turbo Regal

    It’s interesting to see how the builder relocated the fender gills to the rear quarters. I agree: the steering wheel needs to go. Replace it with a wood grain Grant for the 70’s vibe.

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I have a headache after looking at this abortion! It is a bad idea to ingest vast quantities of LSD before either painting a car or throwing huge amounts of cash at your local paint shop. I suspect no paint shop owner worth his salt would allow such a hideous paint job to be seen out in public which means that acid-raddled idiot of a builder painted it himself. What the Vette needs desperately is to be returned to stock condition so this migraine on wheels is never seen again!

  5. Lou_100x

    I have many found automotive memories of the 70’s. Some things were better, others, well better left behind.

  6. Rob D

    Awful looking garbage !! I hated this wretched monstrosity in the 70’s when I was a kid building model cars . The front end is very ugly and I hate when these wanna be car crafters remove the beautiful retractable headlights. Come on mannnn ! Leave the headlights alone . Throw this piece of junk in the fire pit where it belongs …. or better yet , restore it to showroom new please ….. I have 2 vettes , a 92 and an 03 that are factory correct . No need to junk em up with stupid custom stuff . They were just fine from the factory …

  7. BeaverMartin

    I freaking love it! I’d swap the steering wheel, mount a set of keystone Klassics (personal preference) and gold anodized everything under the hood. The Outlaws on the 8 track and I’m set to hit the streets.

  8. thefatguy

    freaking awesome. AND, its a factory 427/4spd?!?!!!
    i would rock that b*st*rd – as is – every dang day.
    this car is totally joe dirt approved !!!

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