Awesome Induction: Autolite Inline Four Barrel and Cross Boss Intake For Sale!

Awesome Induction: Autolite Inline Four Barrel and Cross Boss Intake For Sale!

There will likely never be another era in the world of domestic automotive competition like there was in the 1960s and early 1970s. The amount of time, resources, and money spent on developing racing parts and programs was incredible and it was done sometimes out of spite, just to beat the other guys. During Ford’s “Total Performance” era the company became the greatest racing machine on Earth and some of the things they did are legend to this day. Take this item we found for sale on eBay for example. While it came near the end of that era, it stands as one of the neatest speed/racing parts Detroit ever kicked out.

You are looking at the Autolite inline four barrel carb and Cross Boss intake manifold setup that were used by Trans-Am teams under the Ford banner to win the championship in 1970. The Boss 302 engine was known for being a high RPM killer because of its huge ports. It was also known for being doggish down low and having crummy fuel distribution because of its huge ports. Engineers developed this carb and intake program to try and better that on the racing machines that used the engine.

While “regular people” could technically buy this stuff over the counter, few did. This carb is listed as being the 1,400 CFM model and it may well by but the earlier carbs could also achieve the 1,400 CFM later ones did because the venturis are changeable. They slide in and out of the carb to match the particular bore sizes that the organization was demanding at the time, per the rules.

There are some funny stories about Ford getting this design past the SCCA people by staging photos of the carbs being assembled and prepared for shipping when in fact they were not ever really planning on making these an option or even pushing their existence to John Q Hot Rodder. It was all part of the game back then and what a game it was!

This induction setup, while not complete will run you more than $5,000. That’s a lot of scratch but go ahead and find another one!


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4 thoughts on “Awesome Induction: Autolite Inline Four Barrel and Cross Boss Intake For Sale!

  1. ratpatrol66

    Anytime I talk about this carb people think I’m talking about a unicorn or bigfoot? Finally a picture to prove it’s real!

  2. aircooled

    Why are there water ports on a Boss intake? Isn’t this supposed to be like a Cleveland with no crossover?

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